Repowering Collie

How renewable energy can power jobs and investment in Collie

Collie at the Crossroads

Planning a future beyond coal

What does Collie look like in 2030? This simple question has profound implications for the 9,000 people who call the town home. For Collie to prosper, a grand coalition must be formed, which works to secure the town’s future in the interests of the community, workers and the planet.

  • Staring down the end of the industry that built the town, Collie faces a challenge dozens of communities around Australia, and thousands worldwide, will confront in coming decades.
  • Despite these challenges, the future for Collie and fossil-fuel communities all over Australia is bright, if they can seize the opportunities coming decades will present. The global move to a low-carbon economy presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Collie’s workers. A local workforce geared towards sustainable industry and manufacturing can underpin the next century of prosperity for Collie’s people.

The opportunities outlined in this report are made possible by a broader transition on WA’s main electricity grid. The looming closure of Muja power station is the perfect opportunity for WA to fully harness the state’s renewable energy abundance. A renewable transition and creating a circular economy can lower costs, diversify WA’s economy and create healthier, more sustainable regions.