Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts: Economic Analysis

Precincts shown to not only protect Australia’s regional economies but increase their status as export powerhouses

A $13 billion business case for regional investment

We have a plan to make Australia a strong manufacturing nation once again through the establishment of Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts in our regions. Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts are clusters of manufacturers powered by 100% renewable energy. They connect industrial centres with the abundant and cheap renewable energy provided by Australia’s Hydrogen Hubs and Renewable Energy Zones.

Beyond Zero Emissions and WWF-Australia have commissioned economic analysis firm ACIL Allen to model the economic and job benefits of establishing Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts in Gladstone and the Hunter Valley, two of the 14 priority regions identified. The analysis found Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts will have the potential to not only protect Australia’s regional economies but increase their status as export powerhouses, create tens of thousands of good quality regional jobs, and attract billions in new capital investment to regional communities.

Key findings of the report

This independent analysis has found that if expected projects eventuate, there is the potential to:

  • Create 45,000 new ongoing jobs
  • Create an extra $13 billion in annual revenue in the Hunter and Gladstone regions alone
  • Attract new industries and tens of billions of investment dollars into regional areas
  • Bring high-quality jobs back onshore

Download our summary of the analysis or read the full ACIL Allen analysis:

Repowering Australian manufacturing through renewable energy industrial precincts

It’s time for Australia to once again become a strong manufacturing nation.

To do so we have to tap into our abundance of low-cost renewable energy resources. Right now, Australia has an opportunity to meet growing global demand for zero-emissions products by establishing Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts.

Beyond Zero Emissions is collecting expressions of interest to demonstrate there is a strong demand for Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts in both the Gladstone and Hunter regions.

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