Hunter Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct: Briefing Paper

Securing the Hunter’s reputation as a global force in energy

As a zero-emissions manufacturing hub, the Hunter can secure its continued reputation as a global force in energy.

The Hunter has more than enough potential new energy resources to power a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct, enough for existing industry giants to decarbonise and enough to fast-track new green industries.

It is central to realising Australia’s $333 billion a year potential in renewable energy exports and ensures the Hunter will remain prosperous in the global move to zero emissions.

First movers

Industries such as green aluminium, green steel, niche batteries and storage, cleantech, hydrogen, offshore wind and electrolysers will form the foundation of a Hunter REIP. This briefing paper shows how many Hunter businesses are already charging ahead in green manufacturing with cutting-edge products for the new energy economy.

This briefing paper shows the enormous scale of renewable powered industries that could be developed as part of a Hunter Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct, including the build-out of new renewable energy and electrical infrastructure over the next ten years.

By 2032 a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct in The Hunter can:

  • Unlock new capital investment of $28 billion
  • Create 34,000 new ongoing local jobs in new manufacturing and service industries
  • Generate $11 billion in revenue per annum
  • Protect existing manufacturing jobs by repowering them with renewable energy
  • Make the Hunter attractive and competitive for energy intensive industry

Download the report here.

Read our REIP Policy recommendation.


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