We can cut Australia’s emissions 81% by 2030 with a national cleantech rollout

About Deploy

The Deploy report demonstrates that an 81% emissions reduction is achievable by 2030 with an ambitious rollout of cleantech over the next five years, supported by targeted carbon drawdown. This can create up to 195,000 jobs and repower Australia’s manufacturing regions.

Deploy outlines a five-year deployment plan, identifying the most impactful market-ready technologies, the number of units of each technology we need to deploy, and what it means for rollout rates over the next five years.

A technology rollout at scale, plus carbon drawdown for targeted activities, can put Australia on the path to achieving the IPCC scenario SSP1-1.9 (for 1.5 deg of average global warming) and create 195,000 jobs that are not susceptible to the boom and bust of the fossil fuel markets.


There is a common misconception that the clean technologies we need to cut Australia’s emissions are still in development or do not yet exist. They do.

Deploy outlines a five-year plan to roll out clean technologies that exist and are successfully operating in Australia today.


Key Findings

  • Australia can eliminate 81% emissions by 2030 using clean technologies available today
  • Six key technologies will do the heavy lifting – we need to ramp up rollout rates
  • Deployment rate targets are modest for some, and for technologies like Electric Vehicles we are accelerating almost from a standing start
  • We can create 195,000 jobs with carbon drawdown included

“We need a rapid rollout of clean energy technologies to build a prosperous zero-emissions Australia.”

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