DIY Guide to Energy Efficient Homes

Your DIY guide to building or renovating an energy efficient home and achieving energy freedom.

Beyond Zero Emissions’ Energy Freedom (2015) is a practical resource for renovators and builders that details how you can create an energy efficient home.

We set out the nine steps to achieving a comfortable, high-performance home that costs nothing to run:

  1. Insulation: Fully insulating your home can cut your heating use by 80%. High-performance technologies are available to retrofit all types of Australian homes.
  2. Rooftop Solar: Your home can be a solar power station! With rooftop solar you have the power to generate your own energy.
  3. Lighting: LED downlights save 80% of the energy used by halogens and can pay for themselves in under a year.
  4. Draught proofing: Fixing draughty homes improves comfort and can cut winter heat loss by up to 25%. It can also add 2 stars to your home’s energy rating.
  5. Hot water systems: Hot water accounts for up to one third of energy bills. Use the heat from the sun or the ambient air to cut your bills and emissions every year.
  6. Energy monitoring and control: Real-time monitoring of energy use in your home can save you 9-15% on your energy bill.  
  7. Heating and Cooling: Reverse Cycle air conditioners (heat pumps) are the most efficient heater and cooler you can have. Save 60% on bills compared to ducted gas heating.
  8. Cooking and Appliances: Efficient appliances and induction cooktops use half the energy of standard electrical appliances and gas.
  9. Glazing: Upgrade to double or triple glazing to reduce heat loss and heat gain through windows and doors by up to 85%.

For details, visit our Energy Freedom website or purchase the Energy Freedom book, for renovators and builders.

Our Energy Freedom program is based on BZE’s Buildings Plan, a plan for Australia to reduce emissions and make our buildings comfortable, efficient and cheaper to run.

Visit for 9 DIY steps to achieving Energy Freedom in your home.


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