Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts

Re-energising Australian industry with renewable energy

Renewable energy industrial precincts support a cluster of manufacturers powered by 100% renewable energy

Australia has always relied on a competitive advantage of affordable and reliable energy but today our intensive manufacturers are at a global disadvantage due to high energy prices. We need to capture the benefits of cheaper renewable power and to capitalise on the opportunity to produce low-carbon products that are increasingly in demand in Australia and internationally. Australia has some of the best and most abundant renewable resources in the world, and this can give Australia’s manufacturers a global edge.

Renewable energy industrial precincts support a cluster of manufacturers powered by 100% renewable energy. These precincts are either located within Renewable Energy Zones or connected to renewable energy generation through high voltage transmission lines. They also have access to clean heat and renewable hydrogen production and infrastructure. A renewable energy industrial precinct can be thought of as an expanded Hydrogen Hub as proposed in the National Hydrogen Strategy.

Renewable energy industrial precincts have the potential to accelerate the growth of manufacturing in Australia.

Key benefits of renewable energy industrial precincts:

  • Attract businesses and investors, support local industries, secure existing jobs and create new ones.
  • Provide access to cheaper infrastructure and energy (electricity and heat) shared across multiple large energy users will lower power bills and related costs for all.
  • Provide access to a skilled workforce that is trained in the development and operation of efficient, zero emission industrial processes.
  • Provide an opportunity to commercialise new technologies and solutions onshore, by attracting start-ups to co-locate with established industry players.
  • Increase the likelihood that energy intensive manufacturers will remain in Australia.
  • Become hubs for the development of innovative zero emissions and circular economy technologies and solutions that Australia can sell to the world.

Repowering Australian manufacturing through renewable energy industrial precincts

It’s time for Australia to once again become a strong manufacturing nation.

To do so we have to tap into our abundance of low-cost renewable energy resources. Right now, Australia has an opportunity to meet growing global demand for zero-emissions products by establishing Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts.

Beyond Zero Emissions is collecting expressions of interest to demonstrate there is a strong demand for Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts in both the Gladstone and Hunter regions.

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