Gladstone Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct: Briefing Paper

Gladstone has the industry, skilled workers and infrastructure to become a renewable manufacturing superpower

This briefing paper details the building of a renewable backbone for industry in Gladstone and the transmission and storage requirements of a Gladstone REIP.

A Gladstone Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct (REIP) will support clusters of manufacturers powered by 100% renewable energy. Access to this low-cost, reliable energy will give local manufacturers a global edge in growing zero-emissions markets.

Gladstone could become a major green hydrogen hub to maintain its industrial heritage with many proposed hydrogen projects, but it will need plenty more renewable energy to power existing industry giants committed to decarbonisation as well as the new green industries.

Significant benefits will flow to sectors beyond industry, providing low-cost, firmed renewables for households, transportation and supporting the broader grid.

ACIL Allen’s modelling indicates that by 2032 a REIP in Gladstone has the potential to:

  • Unlock new capital investment of $7.8 billion for the region
  • Generate an additional $2 billion in revenue per year
  • Create 11,000 new ongoing local jobs in new manufacturing and service industries
  • Protect existing manufacturing jobs

Download the report here.

Read our REIP Policy recommendation.

A town with manufacturing at its heart

A Gladstone REIP will foster a homegrown community of renewable energy powered innovators. REIPs become the collaborative space in which local industries share the goal of decarbonisation.

The Gladstone REIP will provide strong benefits to Gladstone’s energy-intensive businesses including aluminium smelting, hydrogen production, alumina refining, chemicals production, recycling and potentially new cleantech industries such as wind turbine blade manufacture and electrolyser manufacturing.

Gladstone offers many advantages for establishing a REIP, including:

  • Excellent infrastructure, including world class port facilities
  • Available land for development, zoned industrial
  • A skilled, technically capable workforce suited for manufacturing and resource processing
  • Diverse and established industry
  • Innovative teaching and skills training infrastructure
  • Strong local, state and federal government support for development and transition
  • Excellent educational institutions including CQU campus
  • Large industry load centre in close proximity to the new Renewable Energy Zone

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