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Beyond Zero Emissions is an Australian research and education organisation.

Since 2006 we’ve helped governments, businesses and individuals address one fundamental question: How can Australia rapidly transition to a zero-emissions economy?

Our research programs – Zero Carbon Australia and Zero Carbon Communities – show how Australia and Australian local government areas can achieve 10-year reductions of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport, electricity, land use, export, buildings and industry sectors.

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Our work is carried out by a small staff of experts, with the help of academic institutions and a large network of volunteer scientists, engineers and economists.

We are funded by private foundations and concerned individuals.

In 2017 Beyond Zero Emissions’ work was recognised by The Lauder Institute’s Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program with a global think tank ranking of 52nd for the category “Best Independent Think Tanks“.

Climate Emergency Declaration petition for the Australian Parliament
Beyond Zero People holding a research report

A climate solutions think tank
with practical plans
About Us

Australia could be a renewable energy superpower: BZE Energy Plans

Australia could be a
renewable energy superpower
Energy Sector Plans

Solar panels recharging 2 electric vehicles

Electric transport
is ready now
Transport Sector Plans

Hepburn Wind launch festival 2011

Councils and communities
are on the move
Zero Carbon Communities

Agriculture and forestry
can go net-zero and sequester millions of tonnes of CO2
Land Use Sector Paper

Most buildings can produce more energy than they consume
Buildings Sector Plans

Beyond Zero Emissions

Level 1, 288 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC 3165, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9415 1301

Web: http://bze.org.au/

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