Every dollar helps us deliver ground breaking research, support communities to become zero carbon, and advocate for a zero emissions Australia.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Making a donation using direct debit

You may also donate by direct debit with online banking. If donating via direct debit, make the payment to:

Beyond Zero Emissions Fund
Bank: Bendigo Bank
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Account:  139-914-402

Enter your ‘name’ and ‘donation’ so it appears on the BZE bank statement

To set up a “monthly donation,” enter the date of the first payment, and select “monthly” recurring payment.

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Why donate?

Beyond Zero Emissions is a volunteer-powered climate solutions think tank and our research is showing that Australia can rapidly move to a zero carbon emissions economy.

Your support will enable our community of climate experts to continue delivering climate solutions that inspire hope and action. With your tax-deductible donation we can deliver more successes like these:

Rethinking Cement: the world’s first report showing how cement can be decarbonised. This has generated national interest and support across the construction and infrastructure sector.

Stationary Energy Plan: this pioneering report changed the conversation on renewables in Australia, convincing governments, businesses and communities that 100% renewable electricity was possible.

Electric Vehicle Report: shows Australia could easily and affordably match and even top the UK’s lead on electric vehicles, and which has been endorsed by the ACT and Queensland governments.

Repowering Port Augusta: a blueprint for replacing coal with solar that galvanised a five-year community campaign resulting in the South Australian Government backing a concentrated solar thermal plant.

Renewable Energy Superpower: a report that has become the spoken ambition of Australian climate leaders.

Zero Carbon Communities Guide: a guide to inspire confidence and action at the local level.


Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is an internationally recognised climate change think tank, providing independent and ambitious climate change solutions for Australia.

Our flagship research shows how all sectors of the Australian economy can decarbonise, repower and benefit from the transition to zero emissions. These Zero Carbon Australia plans cover renewable energy and electricity; energy efficient buildings; sustainable transport; agriculture, farming and land use; and industry.

Through volunteer-powered research we show that a thriving, zero emissions society is achievable and affordable now, and that Australia can become a renewable energy superpower.