Repowering Port Augusta (2012)

Port Augusta is a town at a crossroads. Two coal-fired power stations have closed, and people are deciding how to replace them:  with Australia’s first “solar thermal plants” or a “combined cycle fossil gas plant”.

The Repower Port Augusta Alliance has developed a solid proposal to replace the coal plants with 6 solar thermal plants and 95 wind turbines.

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Repowering Port Augusta using solar thermal and wind will create 1800 jobs, save 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health of the local community and ensure energy security and stable electricity prices.

Gas power will do none of these things.

The local community, the council, local businesses and the power company all want solar – but to make this happen we need the support of the Premier and the Federal Government. Join the Alliance in calling for a solar future for South Australia.

The proposal, Repowering Port Augusta is a detailed blueprint for replacing the emissions intensive Northern and Playford B brown coal power plants at Port Augusta with renewable energy.

This proposal would help Australia to take advantage of our natural comparitive advantage of abundant solar energy. It would enable South Australia to become a world leader in renewable energy, and Port Augusta would become an iconic global hub for baseload solar power generation.

This report has been presented to local MPs and members of the government.

Repower Port Augusta team members

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Submissions to the SA Select Committee on the Port Augusta Power Stations

Repowering Port Augusta team members

To download BZE’s full submission click here.
To download the Repower Port Augusta Alliance submission click here.

Beyond Zero Emissions applauds the South Australian Parliament for investigating a solar thermal industry in Port Augusta by establishing the Select Committee on the Port Augusta Power Stations.

Replacing the coal-fired power stations Playford B and Northern with solar thermal power is a once in a generation opportunity for the people of Port Augusta, the Upper Spencer Gulf region, and South Australia.

By taking advantage of this opportunity, Port Augusta would not only retain its important role in power generation for South Australia, but would become a hub for solar power generation and innovation of global significance.

With this comes a large employment opportunity, not just to guarantee current operational power sector jobs in Port Augusta for a generation, but to create a large pulse of construction jobs over the best part of a decade, as well as manufacturing jobs and professional services throughout the region and the state.

Port Augusta would go from being one of the last remnants of dirty brown coal combustion, to a centre of excellence in solar innovation, an industry undergoing an exponential global boom which is as certain to continue as the demise of brown coal-fired power generation. The project will create enormous business opportunities for the state and the downstream jobs that these create.

However the most important reasons for solar thermal power plants to replace the coal power plants are to protect the health of the people of Port Augusta, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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