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  • The Energy Freedom Home

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A practical guidebook for renovators & builders.

Be comfortable, healthy and independent in an efficient home powered by renewable energy.

You could wipe out your home energy bills, saving perhaps $2400 every year. That’s “energy freedom” in your home!

This guidebook is a great resource for people looking to renovate their homes.  The information is:

  • Detailed, yet easy to comprehend
  • Up-to-date (released in August 2015)
  • A solid basis for a well-informed decision when an appliance fails

A great present for friends and family

Home energy costs

Paying for energy can be the largest cost of running a home.  We use energy to heat our water, refrigerate our food and drink, run our heaters and coolers, light our homes at night, cook our meals, run our TVs, charge our computers and some even recharge cars or bikes at home.

The average Australian household spends over $2,000 a year on gas and electricity bills. Now you can do more than reducing those bills, you can wipe them out, while making your home more comfortable and healthy.

Enjoy a comfortable high-performance home that costs nothing to run.

There is a quiet revolution under way as renewable energy and increased energy efficiency transform the way we generate and use electricity. Over 1.4 million households in Australia now have rooftop solar — and the costs of solar energy are plummeting, making it more attractive.

And there are simple, practical ways to reduce our demand for energy. Significant improvements can be made with relatively little effort.

  • Hot water accounts for up to a third of energy bills.  You can heat your water using the heat from the sun or the ambient air, and can cut your bills and emissions every year.
  • Reverse Cycle air conditioners, also known as heat pumps, can heat your home at less than half the cost of even the most efficient gas heater.

For those who are curious as to the science and economics behind this saving, here is a detailed presentation about reverse-cycle air-conditioning as a “Renewable Energy Giant” written by our heat pump expert Tim Forcey.

This book is about:

  • Being smart with money
  • Being comfortable in an efficient home, and
  • Autonomy: being less reliant on the electricity and gas companies.

The nine steps to energy freedom:

The Energy-Freedom Home explains the nine most cost-effetive steps, that can be taken in any order, to become more energy efficient:

  1. Replace old lights with LEDs;
  2. Stop draughts;
  3. Improve insulation;
  4. Upgrade windows;
  5. Use energy-efficient appliances;
  6. Install reverse-cycle air-conditioning, for heating and cooling;
  7. Use solar or heat-pump systems for water heating;
  8. Monitor and controlling energy use; and
  9. Get solar panels to generate your own electricity.

This guidebook applies our buildings research

The guidebook takes the research findings of the Buildings Plan and identifies how these recommendations, for buildings across Australia, can be put into action in individual homes.

Do buy this practical guide-book

The Energy-Freedom Home is the perfect guide to help anyone liberate themselves from costly, non-renewable sources of energy. It contains detailed, easy-to-follow descriptions of practical problems and solutions, with over 80 colour photographs and diagrams.

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For a closer look at the guidebook, it is in many libraries or bookshops. If it is not there, you could ask them to get it.

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How to Wipe Out Electricity and Gas Bills in Nine Steps
The Fifth Estate: 26 Aug 2015

Here is the media release for the book launch.

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Publishing  Details

The Energy-Freedom Home: How to Wipe Out Electricity and Gas Bills in Nine Steps.
Author: Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE)

Launched: 26 August 2015
Number of pages: 128

Scribe Publications Pty Ltd
Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

Dewey Classification: 333.79630994
ISBN: 9781925106718

Category: Environmentally-friendly architecture & design

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