Diversifying the Hunter

Working together for a smarter, cleaner, and more resilient future

Ambitious projects are underway to ensure the Hunter maintains its position as Australia’s regional powerhouse

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The Hunter Valley is Australia’s leading regional economy

The Hunter Valley is Australia’s leading regional economy. It’s the heart of energy in NSW, hosting coal mining, power stations and transmission infrastructure. Low cost energy has attracted manufacturing and energy intensive industry which has built a highly skilled workforce. Excellent port, rail and air infrastructure underpins the energy export hub, and the university attracts students and researchers from around the world. The soils produce iconic wine and agricultural produce. Excellent surf, beaches, estuarine lakes, rivers, Barrington Tops, Gloucester Tops, and the Watagans are corridors of  biodiversity, and the Traditional Country of the Worimi, Awabakal, Gringai, Darkinun, Geawegal and Wonaruah people.

Across the Hunter,  community and industry groups, businesses, researchers and government agencies are all working on ambitious projects to ensure the Hunter maintains its position as Australia’s regional powerhouse.  It’s clear that remaining an energy hub for both domestic and export markets is a key regional priority, and there must be diversification. New generation, new markets and new ways to export energy in hydrogen, or embodied in manufactured goods, is the subject of investigation.

Beyond Zero Emissions is engaging in the Hunter in many ways.

  • The Diversification and Repower Plan: We are speaking to all of the local groups, business, industry groups, government agencies and researchers to  weave together all of existing research, projects and ideas into one unified Hunter Vision: The Hunter Diversification and Repower Plan.  We are also looking at Hunter case studies for the Million Jobs Plan, demonstrating how stimulus can be directed to set the region on course for a resilient diversified future
  • Through our Zero Carbon Communities arm, we are connecting with local communities. We are linking volunteers to communities, and providing the resources and support to enable local groups to begin their own journeys to zero emissions.
  • Through Zero Carbon Factories, we are connecting with industries who want to start on their own pathway to electrification and diversification. We want to understand the barriers business and industry are facing to reduce emissions, and also, how to best enable them to overcome these barriers. We  are supporting Hunter businesses and industry to take advantage of all of the emerging opportunities that are available.

If we haven’t spoken to you yet, we want to hear your vision for a resilient future for the Hunter. Please get in touch with Hunter Engagement Lead: Samantha Mella – Email: sam.mella@bze.org.au