Electric Vehicles

We can easily and affordably switch Australia’s entire urban car fleet to electric vehicles powered with 100% renewable energy.

Car travel in Australia contributes 8% of national greenhouse emissions, with around 75% of those (or around 6% of national greenhouse emissions) attributed to urban travel.

Beyond Zero Emissions’ Electric Vehicles Report (2016) shows that the shift to 100% electric vehicles (EV) in Australia is both feasible and affordable within 10 years, and provides a range of environmental, health and other benefits to the economy.

We explore the many benefits of electric vehicles and the EV market in Australia as well as presenting cost models and the policy options that are needed to address barriers to the uptake of EVs.

This report was produced in collaboration with MRCagney.

Key findings

The key findings from our study are:

  • A shift to 100% electric vehicles would eliminate at least 6% of Australia’s greenhouse emissions
  • A rapid shift to electric buses operating on 100% renewable electricity is feasible, and affordable
  • A rapid shift to electric vehicles operating on 100% renewable electricity is both realistic and affordable
  • Costs could be even lower if we adapt transport behaviours to reduce car ownership
  • Electric vehicles are more convenient.


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