Renewable Energy Plan

The first roadmap for how Australia can repower our electricity sector with clean renewable energy.

Beyond Zero Emissions’ Stationary Energy Plan (2010) shows – with rigorous, peer-reviewed research – that powering Australia with clean renewable energy is technically feasible and affordable, will improve reliability and can be completed within a decade.

‘Stationary energy’ emissions are those that arise from the consumption of fuels used in electricity generation, in the manufacturing, construction and commercial sectors, and in other sources like domestic heating.

Released in 2010, our plan detailed the technologies and costs to upgrade our electricity grid to clean renewable energy. It showed that within 10 years solar and wind (including concentrated solar thermal power and storage) could meet over 90% of energy needs, and the extra cost to households would be only $8 per week.

Since 2010 the cost of renewables has plummeted, technology has advanced, and renewables are being installed at record rates.

This report was produced in collaboration with University of Melbourne – Energy Research Institute.

“It is the first time that I have seen a plan that makes the possibility of zero emissions feasible and affordable.”

Professor Emeritus Sir Gustav Nossal, AC, CBE, FRS, FAA

University of Melbourne and Former Australian of the Year

“[This] is a timely and aspirational report that deserves the widest attention and debate, particularly by political and industrial decision makers.”

General Peter Gration, AC, OBE, FTSE

Former Australian Chief of Defence

Want to know what impact our research has had?

Examples of emissions, trends, and projects throughout the report:

Chart showing comparison of fossil and renewable energy Economically Demonstrated Resources

Comparison of fossil and renewable energy Economically Demonstrated Resources

Chart showing greenhouse gas inventory in 2007



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