Repowering Our Regions

BZE is leading research and community engagement to provide detailed technical plans that help key regions of Australia become renewable economic powerhouses.

Want to know how regional areas of Australia can thrive and benefit from a transition to a low carbon economy?

Based on our successful Repowering Port Augusta report, which led to an renewable economy transformation we are leading research and community engagement to provide detailed, technical plans for how key regions can become Australian renewable economic powerhouses.

Each plan will be tailored to the unique needs and strengths of a region and will specify and draw on local expertise and experience.

The plans will be used to develop community coalitions as well as advocate for new industry, business and renewable energy.

Get in touch if you would like to support local jobs, improve environmental outcomes and create investment and opportunities for your region.

Regional Repower Reports

NT: The 10 gigawatt vision
How renewable energy can power jobs and investment in the Northern Territory.
Energy Efficient Homes Guide
Repower Port Augusta
Our plan lead the way to repowering Port Augusta with clean renewable energy.
Energy Efficient Homes Guide
Collie at the crossroads
Coming soon


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