Leading on Zero Carbon Prosperity

Australia can lead the world to zero carbon prosperity.

Beyond Zero Emissions is challenging the excuses that prevent us from taking action on climate change. You may have heard some of these excuses, such as:

“Australia is only a small part of the climate problem!”

“We shouldn’t act before the rest of the world!”

“Our actions won’t make a difference, anyway!”

In our report – Laggard to Leader: How Australia can lead the world to zero carbon prosperity (2012) – we expose the true extent of Australia’s contribution to the climate problem and demonstrate our extraordinary potential to forge solutions at home and abroad.

Australia can influence the future direction of global efforts to stabilise the climate by:

  • curtailing the global supply of traded coal
  • making clean energy technologies cheaper, and
  • developing a new model of international climate cooperation that promises to be more effective than the protracted UN negotiations.

The report shows how such actions serve the national interest – both raising the odds of securing a safe climate and establishing Australia as a leading force in global low-carbon industries – and play to our historical strengths as a leader in global affairs.

It supplements BZE’s Zero Carbon Australia project, and shows how our vision to transform the domestic economy can be expanded and leveraged in response to the broader international failure on climate change.


Beyond Zero Emissions is powered by volunteers: engineers, scientists, economists and communicators all contribute their time and expertise to develop and promote climate solutions that support a rapid transition to zero emissions. Can you join us?


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