Other Research

Beyond Zero Emissions’ primary research shows how Australia can achieve zero emissions and beyond.
They’re big picture blueprints for the big emitting sectors of the Australian economy. 

Over the years we’ve produced other reports tackling specific issues relating to a zero emissions Australia.
Delve into the detail with these special reports.

 Carbon Capture and Storage Report | Beyond Zero Emissions Australia
Carbon Capture and Storage
Clean Coal is no solution when renewable energy is cost-competitive or cheaper.
 Carbon Crisis Report
Carbon Crisis Report
Unless we shift investment focus to cleaner energy, Australia is on course for systemic economic decline.
“Fossil Economy Report | Beyond Zero Emissions Australia
Fossil Economy Report
The economic risks of fossil fuel dependency through Australian government policies.
Laggard to Leader Report | Beyond Zero Emissions Australia
Laggard to Leader
How Australia can shift from climate change solution laggard to leader.