Rethinking Cement – Research Impacts

Rethinking Cement has excited Australia’s construction and infrastructure sector – opening up new possibilities.Here are some of the ways Rethinking Cement has made an impact:


  • Sustainability Victoria organised a breakfast briefing for Beyond Zero Emissions to present Rethinking Cement to stakeholders involved in the manufacture, supply and procurement of cement and concrete.
  • We’ve presented the Rethinking Cement vision to over 1000 stakeholders, including government departments, engineering consultancies and major property and infrastructure companies.
  • Transurban engaged Beyond Zero Emissions to advise the company on the potential to reduce the carbon emission of cement used in Transurban’s roads.
  • The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) created new innovation credits to encourage developers to implement the strategies in Rethinking Cement. This has a huge impact as a large proportion of new infrastructure projects in Australia now register for a rating from ISCA.
  • CPB Contractors (a large construction company) organised and hosted events in Brisbane and Sydney to promote Rethinking Cement to senior members of government and the infrastructure sector.
  • The Queensland Government wrote to us to say they are considering how to incorporate our approaches in the Queensland Building Plan Initiative.
  • Rethinking Cement was covered by articles in The Conversation and The Fifth Estate as well as trade press including the International Cement Review, World Cement, Inside Construction and Engineers Australia.
  • We won Best International Energy Think Tank in the prestigious Prospect Think Tank Awards 2018.


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