Energy-efficient Buildings Plan

Australia can halve its energy use from buildings, wipe out energy and gas bills and transform our homes and workplaces to provide greater comfort with lower energy bills.

Beyond Zero Emissions’ Buildings Plan (2013) is the first comprehensive, nation-wide plan for retrofitting Australia’s buildings to reach zero emissions from operation within 10 years.

It sets out how Australia can transform its building stock to:

  • reduce energy bills
  • generate renewable energy
  • add health and comfort to our living spaces, and
  • make our workplaces more productive.

Australia’s existing buildings are not adequately designed to meet many of the challenges we face today. Houses and workplaces are often unnecessarily cold in winter, hot in summer, and expensive to run. We now have the technologies and know-how to make our buildings far more comfortable, while protecting us from rising electricity and gas bills.

This plan contains detailed bottom-up research, modelling and analysis into Australia’s existing buildings and energy consumption. We have collaborated extensively with industry, ensuring our recommended suite of retrofit measures is practical and widely applicable.

It was produced in collaboration with University of Melbourne – Energy Research Institute.

Key findings

  • Reduce residential energy by 53%
  • Homes can generate more electricity than they use, becoming renewable energy power stations
  • Buildings can go gas free, eliminating gas bills and significantly reducing energy use as well as greenhouse gas emissions
  • Save $40 billion over the next 30 years. If the full upgrades were implemented, Australians would save money
  • Reduce non-residential energy use by 44%
  • Create tens of thousands of jobs: from residential retrofits alone, around 50,000 jobs can be created in the trades sector.

Based on our research, our DIY guide to energy efficiency will help you achieve Energy Freedom in your home.


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