Beyond Zero Emissions show job bonanza through renewables

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) have today, ahead of a roundtable with key stakeholders, publicly released the first section of their Million Jobs Plan.

29 May 2020

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) have today, ahead of a roundtable with key stakeholders, publicly released the first section of their Million Jobs Plan.

The Million Jobs Plan ‘Renewable Energy Initiative’ outlines how 140,000+ jobs could be created and 90 gigawatts of zero emissions energy delivered to Australian homes, businesses and industries.

“Beyond Zero Emissions has been working with communities and partners around Australia to put together a post-COVID economic recovery ‘The Million Jobs Plan’ that will pave the way for Australia to become a renewable energy superpower in the decades to come,” Eytan Lenko, BZE’s CEO said.

“Our plan will create employment, modernise our infrastructure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Importantly, given the current economic situation, these jobs will be distributed around Australia including the places where traditional heavy industry has gone, droughts and fires have ravaged the agricultural sector, unemployment is high and long-term employment opportunities have appeared increasingly limited.

“The Million Jobs Plan proposes nation-building, transformative projects that can upgrade our economy, modernise our industry, reskill our workforce and deliver a bright and vibrant future – economically and socially.

“Our research shows clearly that this is entirely achievable,” Mr Lenko said.

The Million Jobs Plan aims to show a way forward to make Australia more prosperous and more resilient.

A powerful community of support has gathered behind the RE proposal, over 30 volunteers are working alongside a range of pro-bono specialist consultancies to deliver this exciting new work.

Matt Robinson, GM at Power System Consultants (PSC), said “the energy transition offers substantial economic and social value for Australians. It is critical that we understand how stimulus spending can best support this. That’s why PSC is proud to support this work and help move the conversation forward.”

“Countries that use economic recovery to leap ahead into a renewable powered future will have a strong and sustainable recovery,” Eytan said.

“This means that jobs need to be local, lasting, secure, well-paid and backed by safe and fair working conditions. We have prioritised local, long term jobs as part of local solutions.

“This is the first Industry Briefing paper outlining the pre-release findings from our study,” Mr Lenko said.

Making it happen:

  • Support the accelerated deployment of 90 gigawatts of renewable energy in the next five years, creating 124,000 jobs in construction and 22,000 on-going jobs.
  • Ensure renewable energy infrastructure is made in Australia. Increase Australia’s capacity to manufacture renewable energy components including wind turbines and batteries, to create more than 9,000 jobs in the next five years.
  • Underwrite renewable energy industrial zones at guaranteed price to establish Australia as a top destination for energy-intensive clean industries such as green hydrogen and zero emissions metals.
  • Fast track new transmission infrastructure to facilitate the rollout of renewable energy, increasing energy security and reduce power prices.

BZE’s paper on Renewable Energy is now available on The Million Jobs Plan webpage.

Beyond Zero Emissions is one of Australia’s most respected and awarded energy think-tanks. Our upcoming Million Jobs Plan will show how the Australian economy can thrive through a clean COVID-19 recovery program.

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