Responding to reports that the Federal Government is set to pour nearly $2 billion into projects such as road construction, Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) have again outlined how this sort of spending, properly targeted on energy efficiency and decarbonisation projects, would create many more sustainable jobs.

“Revitalising our economy and getting people back to work is the right idea but it’s clear from some of the suggestions reported today that the focus is on the wrong projects,” Heidi Lee, COO from Beyond Zero Emissions said.

“Rather than spend it on roads we could spend it on energy efficiency and decarbonisation projects and create a lot more jobs. 

“Local jobs, jobs that will deliver tangible and long-term outcomes for households, communities and the economy at large – whilst also taking practical steps on the inevitable road to decarbonisation.

“Communities across the continent have great ideas for a renewables-led low-emissions stimulus,” she said.

“Community led initiatives offer clear community benefits, local jobs and multi-generational support with skills and training which helps young people stay in their communities. 

“People in communities have extraordinary leadership potential, they know what’s best for their communities so that no one will be left behind. 

“Outlined in the forthcoming BZE Million Jobs plan are over 100,000 jobs in community led initiatives that deliver zero emissions outcomes, better air quality, and strong employment opportunities within their local communities. 

“It’s been inspiring and exciting to see the ideas communities are suggesting for zero emissions projects in their local areas. Projects that would deliver jobs in community energy hubs and foundations, urban farming, community hubs for work and education, biodiversity protection and greater support for Indigenous land rangers,” Ms Lee said.

 Michael Copsey from the Banyule Clean Energy Group said:

“I would like to see seed funding in my community of Banyule near Melbourne for a community energy foundation. Community ideas like this can lead to ongoing jobs and profits for communities helping accelerate the uptake of renewable energy. 

“Once up and running such an organisation can have good returns for investors,” Mr Copsey said.

Beyond Zero Emissions is one of Australia’s most respected and awarded energy think-tanks. Our upcoming Million Jobs Plan will show how the Australian economy can thrive through a clean COVID-19 recovery program.

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