BZE welcomes South Australian decision to build Concentrated Solar Thermal

Jul 14, 2017

The South Australian Government’s announcement to back a Concentrated Solar Thermal plant in Port Augusta is a celebration of community vision and leadership, according to think tank Beyond Zero Emissions.

“Repower Port Augusta have worked tirelessly to promote the huge benefits that Concentrated Solar Thermal will deliver for the Port Augusta community and the nation. Beyond Zero Emissions’ congratulates all involved in this stunning news for renewable energy.”

“Beyond Zero Emissions’ also congratulates the leadership and vision of the South Australian Government,” said BZE Chief Executive Officer Vanessa Petrie.

In 2012 Beyond Zero Emissions launched Repowering Port Augustaa blueprint to replace coal fired stations with renewable energy. The blueprint set out a pathway for delivering 1,800 jobs, protecting community health, wiping out 5 million tonnes of CO2 each year, lowering and stabilising electricity prices and achieving energy security for South Australia.

“BZE’s Repowering Port Augusta and the 2010 Stationary Energy Plan were visionary documents that proved 100% renewable energy in ten years is achievable and affordable for Australia,” said Vanessa Petrie.

“In 2010 BZE researchers and presenters rolled up their sleeves, developed the climate solutions we need for Australia and worked tirelessly to advocate for our vision. We would like to acknowledge and thank the massive efforts of our BZE community and supporters who sowed the seed for yesterday’s announcement,” said Vanessa Petrie.

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