Zero Carbon Communities

Zero Carbon Communities helps Australian communities reduce local carbon emissions.

Communities and Council’s have a strong and proud history of leading climate action. Many are working towards 100% renewable energy goals and zero emissions targets.

A Zero Carbon Community is any community where people, businesses, clubs, groups and councils are acting to reduce carbon emissions.

We’re bringing these community champions together to address emissions from the following sectors: Buildings, Energy, Land use, Waste, Transport, and Industry. 


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Resources to get you started

Beyond Zero Emissions has published two free reports that demonstrate what local councils are doing (and the barriers and opportunities they face), and how it’s affordable and achievable now for Australia to become a zero carbon community.

Zero Carbon Communities Guide | Beyond Zero Emissions Australia
Zero Carbon Communities Guide
Free guide and tools for communities and councils who want rapid local progress towards zero emission targets.
Council Climate Action Review
Discover what councils and communities are doing to tackle climate change.
Zero Carbon Communities Guide | Beyond Zero Emissions Australia
Find out how to access funding for your Zero Carbon Community projects.


Communities can now get a free Snapshot of their carbon emissions.

Snapshot is the first national tool providing community wide greenhouse gas profiles for every council across Australia.  

All Australian council Snapshots will be online in the coming months and community groups and councils are being encouraged to contact Snapshot if they want theirs fast-tracked.





Australian Local Government Climate Review | Beyond Zero Emissions Australia
Snapshot Climate Tool
Helping communities and councils plan for CO2 reduction.

Find a community group

Looking for inspiration or want to find a community group near you working towards zero carbon? Use our interactive map to explore leading communities around Australia. Join today to add your community to the map. 


Share your skills with our Zero Carbon Communities

What’s in it for my community?

The Zero Carbon Communities program supports community groups through:

  • the development of tools and resources to assist community groups
  • research and advice on funding options for community groups
  • opportunities for 1 on 1 support via our volunteer program
  • connection and co-ordination with Council programs  


Benefits for all communities

Our research demonstrates the following achievable benefits of working towards a zero emissions Australia:

  • Cost savings through reduced energy consumption
  • Access to new investment and funding sources
  • Creation of jobs in new energy and other industries
  • Achieving sustainability goals and emission reduction targets
  • Increased public profile as a leading and innovative community
  • Wider economic and social benefits through a healthier environment


Support us

ZCC is an initiative of Beyond Zero Emissions – an innovative, volunteer-powered climate solutions think tank based in Melbourne.

Consider making a donation or joining us as a volunteer – volunteering is a fantastic learning experience and a chance to work alongside one of the world’s best independent think tanks.


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