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Electrifying homes for Australia's clean recovery

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Wed, 28 Jul 2021

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm AEST

Most homes in Australia were built prior to the introduction of energy performance standards. This means homes that are hot in summer and cold in winter – pushing energy bills higher.

This month, we’ll hear from current and former Beyond Zero Emissions researchers about how electrifying homes can play a role in Australia’s clean economic recovery.

Simple retrofits could make millions of homes more energy-efficient and practically eliminate heating and cooling bills. Every home has the potential to generate its own renewable electricity, and even eliminate energy bills altogether. 

The Million Jobs Plan proposes a target of 2.5 million deep energy retrofits within five years – 500,000 home renovations per year prioritising low-income homes. This program would create up to 100,000 jobs per year.

Hear from our experienced presenters about how energy upgrades reduce greenhouse gas emissions – for example, minimising energy use and replacing household gas appliances with clean electric alternatives. Done well, homes made with green building materials and sustainable urban design can make healthier neighbourhoods and negate the urban heat island effect, keeping temperatures down in our suburbs during heat waves. Broader co-benefits of the buildings sector initiatives include the upskilling of thousands of construction workers to deliver high performing housing – this will set the industry up for delivering on a rapid trajectory to zero emissions across all new buildings and retrofits.

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Wed, 28 Jul 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm AEST

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Tom Quinn, Beyond Zero Emissions

Tom Quinn

Head of Policy and Research, Beyond Zero Emissions

Tom is the Head of Policy and Research of Beyond Zero Emissions. He has senior experience in industry peak bodies, corporate firms and the public sector and has delivered complex technical projects, including The Next Boom report, the original Fiduciary Duties and Climate Change legal opinion. Tom has also led work on major policy issues that include energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Tim Forcey, Beyond Zero Emissions

Tim Forcey

Energy Advisor, Researcher, Author, and Engineer

Tim Forcey is an energy advisor, researcher, author, and engineer. Trained in chemical engineering, Tim now focuses on the sustainable production and efficient use of renewable energy. He has extensive experience in this field, including with renewable heat and electricity, energy storage & efficiency, and building and home energy. Tim has previously volunteered with Beyond Zero Emissions, contributing to our Stationary Energy Plan, the precursor to 2020’s Million Jobs Plan.

Kelvin Wicks, Beyond Zero Emissions

Kelvin Wicks


Kelvin is a Researcher at Beyond Zero Emissions, specialising in large-scale home retrofits. Inspired by the Beyond Zero Emissions's Stationary Energy Plan, and our ambitious climate solutions when he was a first year undergraduate, Kelvin joined as a volunteer before becoming a Research Assistant in 2020. Kelvin graduated from the University of Melbourne in both environmental engineering and building energy efficiency. He brings an interdisciplinary approach to designing practical built environment and climate solutions.

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