April 6, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
William Macmahon Ball Theatre,
Old Arts Building
University of Melbourne
BZE Office Melbourne

Are you ready to ride this wave of change

The world is on the edge of great technological disruption and Australia is making large strides towards renewable energy. The tide is turning. What is this progress and are you ready to ride these waves of change.

At the same time, we are on the brink of climate disaster so we need to warn people – but these warnings can inhibit climate action by generating grief with its denial, fight, bargaining and depression, as well as generating acceptance and action. We need to warn people of the climate dangers and promote an enticing vision with plans to get there and the encouragement of progress already achieved.

Some of this is on:
Promoting a vision, plans and progress, and
Australia is making large strides towards renewable energy

Presenter: Andrew Gunner: Andrew has been a volunteer at BZE for four years. He worked as an operation researcher in industry for 20 years and as a social worker/counsellor for 18 years.

Here are more details about the discussion group including:
• Directions to the lecture theatre & a map
• Afterwards at the pub
• Late arrival mobile number
• Public transport option
• Car parking suggestion
• Entry is free
• No booking is needed

Thank you to the Australian-German Climate and Energy College for supporting us in bringing you this event.


Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is an internationally recognised climate change think tank, providing independent and ambitious climate change solutions for Australia.

Our flagship research shows how all sectors of the Australian economy can decarbonise, repower and benefit from the transition to zero emissions. These Zero Carbon Australia plans cover renewable energy and electricity; energy efficient buildings; sustainable transport; agriculture, farming and land use; and industry.

Through volunteer-powered research we show that a thriving, zero emissions society is achievable and affordable now, and that Australia can become a renewable energy superpower.