Electrifying the Manufacturing State

Electrifying The Manufacturing State

The next industrial revolution is coming as the world swiftly moves to a zero carbon economy. New energy sources have long been essential to economic growth. Today, the new source of energy is cheap wind and solar. 

Businesses and manufacturers all over the world are racing to replace fossil fuels with renewables. With our unparalleled resources in solar and wind, Victoria is in the ideal position to capitalise on this moment in history. 

Beyond Zero Emissions’ award winning Electrifying Industry plan shows that by switching to renewable electricity it is possible to double manufacturing efficiency, harnessing the power of the sector to drive productivity growth, innovation, exports and create high-quality Victorian jobs.


Beyond Zero Emissions is powered by volunteers: engineers, scientists, economists and communicators all contribute their time and expertise to develop and promote climate solutions that support a rapid transition to zero emissions. Can you join us?


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