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 Business and Industry


Our work with Business and Industry supports businesses to effectively and rapidly transition to zero emissions. Our research covers all sectors of the Australian economy and describes pathways to zero emissions in ten years – this enables us to work across a range of industries to implement climate change solutions. Our core funding is philanthropic and delivers public facing outcomes. We also offer our services at commercial rates to organisations positioned to engage us.

1. Industry Partnerships

BZE partners with industry leaders to design and deliver ambitious zero emissions projects. This includes providing support to meet the stringent requirements of grant makers, using our existing knowledge base to demonstrate how your project will benefit the broader industry, accelerate a commercialisation of a new technology, and deliver emissions reduction.

We can effectively partner with commercial consultants to analyse decarbonisation opportunities for individual projects and support the development of zero emissions business strategies.

“In 2018 Transurban commissioned BZE to produce a practical roadmap to employ low-carbon cement in our operations. BZE brought cement experts Dr Marita Berndt and Dr James Aldred in to produce this ground-breaking work. ‘Rethinking Cement Use in Australian Urban Motorways’ is a great  example of BZE’s work having real world impact driving down emissions.” 

Matthew Brennan, Head of Sustainability, Transurban. 2019

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2. Mobilising networks

We facilitate effective collaboration between experts in different fields such as process engineers, electrical engineers, economists, business advisors, analysts and investors. When we find opportunities to make a difference, we help introduce the right people to bring these solutions to life. We can offer facilitated workshops, thought leadership publications and strategic introductions to enable high performing partnerships to develop.

3. Closing the knowledge gap

BZE are available to run seminars and talks with key stakeholders in community, business, government and industry. We can do this in partnership with local teams and tailor our subject matter to address local issues. 

Our publications, radio shows and social media channels are ideal platforms for our partners to share new knowledge about electrifying industry and low emissions projects.

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Beyond Zero Emissions is powered by volunteers: engineers, scientists, economists and communicators all contribute their time and expertise to develop and promote climate solutions that support a rapid transition to zero emissions. Can you join us?


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Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is an internationally recognised climate change think tank, providing independent and ambitious climate change solutions for Australia.

Our flagship research shows how all sectors of the Australian economy can decarbonise, repower and benefit from the transition to zero emissions. These Zero Carbon Australia plans cover renewable energy and electricity; energy efficient buildings; sustainable transport; agriculture, farming and land use; and industry.

Through volunteer-powered research we show that a thriving, zero emissions society is achievable and affordable now, and that Australia can become a renewable energy superpower.

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