Zero Carbon Australia

Beyond Zero Emissions is developing a detailed, costed blueprint for the transition to a completely decarbonised Australian economy within a decade. The Zero Carbon Australia Project (ZCA2020) will consist of 6 transition plans covering the 6 sectors of energy, buildings, transport, land use, industrial processes and coal exports.

Stationary Energy Plan

• Demonstrates that 100% renewable energy is achievable and affordable

• Designs a fully costed and detailed system of concentrated solar thermal plants and large scale wind farms

• Proves that with commercially available and proven technologies renewable energy can power Australia within 10 years

• Launched in June 2010

• Sample media coverage and full list of endorsements attached

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Download the 6 pg preview executive summary

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Buildings Plan

• Technically detailed and fully costed roadmap to achieving zero emissions buildings within a decade

• World class research in energy efficiency retrofits, onsite renewable energy generation and new buildings standards

• 120 research volunteers currently engaged, including industry participation

• Launched in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane in August/September 2013, Newcastle launch in November 2013.

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Read more about the Buildings Plan here.

Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry

• Agricultural emissions can be reduced to zero by maximising carbon sequestration and best practice land use

• Emissions can be reduced beyond zero through carbon storage in forests if left to recover from disturbances such as clearfell logging

• Launched in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in October-December 2014

Read more and see the Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry report here.

Transport Plan

• Designing a zero emissions transport system

• Solutions including fast rail between state capitals (see our High Speed Rail report), light rail in metropolitan areas, electric vehicles, freight transportation and biofuels

• 70 research volunteers

Renewable Energy Superpower

• A vision for the Australian economy to become a renewable energy economy

• Will provide an alternative to Australia’s fossil fuel exports

Australia requires a new focus for ongoing prosperity. Enormous investments have been made over the past decade in the extraction and export of emission intensive resources; particularly iron ore, coal and gas to support developing Asian economies. The related effects of fossil fuel based expansion – pollution, poor health, water intensity, volatile costs and global warming – are beginning to diminish the rewards of increasing incomes.

These trade partners, mainly China and India, along with the majority of the world are transitioning to low carbon development. Many of the investments in the extraction of greenhouse gas producing resources are underperforming and may result in significant losses. This investment is still being encouraged and supported in this country despite major financial and ecological concerns.

The world is changing focus and moving away from emission intensive development. It is past time to invest in the solutions to clean economic development so Australia can contribute positively to the global economy in the future.

Australia has the capacity for innovation and implementation through its network of world class universities, CSIRO and other research institutes as well a diverse and capable industry base. In addition to this Australia has a high level of wealth to invest in this transition.

By doing this and refocussing our diverse industries to sustainable goals, these industries, their incomes and employment while reconfigured will also be sustained. This will allow all sectors of the economy and society to continue to prosper.

This report will identify the bind that Australia is in and suggest a transition pathway for a prosperous and sustainable future.

Industrial Processes

• Zero emissions alternatives to the resource intensive industries of steel, aluminium and iron

• Estimated launch date: 2016



What is the Zero Carbon Australia Project?

The Zero Carbon Australia Project (ZCA2020) is an initiative of Beyond Zero Emissions and the University of Melbourne's Energy Research Institute and is supported by Climate Emergency Network, (CEN), Climate Positive and many generous Australians from all walks of life.

It is a project to develop a blueprint for the transition to a decarbonised Australian economy within a decade.

The project draws on the enormous wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in the community to develop a blueprint for transitioning Australia to a zero carbon future. Individuals with expertise, knowledge and experience in relevant areas can work within a structured process to contribute to the transition plan.

Why do we need it?

The latest and most credible science tells us that such a transition is necessary to maintain a safe climate.

The guiding principles of
Zero Carbon Australia include:

*Australia's energy is provided entirely from renewable sources at the end of the transition period.

*All technological solutions employed are from proven, reliable technology which is commercially available.

*The security and reliability of Australia's energy supply is maintained or enhanced by the transition.

*Food and water security are maintained or enhanced by the transition.

*Australians continue to enjoy a high standard of living.

*Social equity is maintained or enhanced by the transition.

*Other environmental indices are maintained or enhanced by the transition.

Would you like to contribute?

Those wishing to contribute to the project can become a part of one of these working groups, or be part of the support team in different capacities working towards development and promotion of the final report. It is a not for profit project, therefore all contributions are made on a volunteer basis.

The Buildings, Transport and Land Use projects are currently underway.

Please fill out the volunteer form

Please forward the form to anyone else you feel may be interested!

Enquiries from individuals, groups or associations are welcomed. Contact us here

Zero Carbon Australia Presentations

Overview of the Stationary Energy Sector Plan given by Patrick Hearps in January 2011 click here to view (slides and audio).

Presentation of the latest Results of the Zero Carbon Australia Project presented by Patrick Hearps to the Australian Academy of Science's Second Earth Systems Outlook Conference in Canberra 2012. Click here for the audio, video and separate slideshow which contains a brief summary of the Stationary Energy Plan and the latest findings of the Buildings, Transport and Land Use

Zero Carbon Buildings, presented by Richard Denby for the Beyond Zero Emissions Discussion Group in September 2009, click here to download (8.0 MB). The Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Sector Plan is being worked on currently.



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