Electric cars and buses a focus for Canberra

This week in Canberra think-tank Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) will launch its latest report showing a rapid shift to electric vehicles is achievable and affordable.

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The Electric Vehicles report shows that Australia could replace its entire urban fleet of electric cars and buses in only 10 years at little or no cost to the economy. This transition, powered by 100% renewable energy, would eliminate 6% of Australia’s national emissions and more than a third of all our transport emissions.

The report finds the capital costs of a transition to EVs is offset by the lower costs of running and maintaining an electric vehicle. The research is part of BZE’s Zero Carbon Australia program, which shows how each sector of the economy can become zero carbon using existing technology.

“When powered by renewable energy EVs are a pure zero emissions technology. This makes them especially attractive in the ACT, which will have 100% renewable electricity by 2020. But EV owners can already enjoy zero emissions transport by buying Greenpower or charging from rooftop solar panels,” said BZE’s Acting CEO, Michael Lord.

The report also suggests that the transition to electric vehicles will be cheaper if we reduce the total number of cars. A significant move away from private car ownership in the near future is being made possible by the rise of new business models such as Uber and new technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

The Electric Vehicles report was developed by BZE in conjunction with the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (UNSW) and consulting group MRCagney.

Electric vehicles on display at the Canberra launch are a Tesla and BMW and are courtesy of Canberra BMW and private owners. Photos from 5.00pm and again after 7.00. 

Seats are still available – all are welcome, but please register via bze.org.au/events 

Tickets available here. Speakers at the launch on Tuesday December 6th include:

  • Her Excellency Ms Unni Kløvstad Norway’s Ambassador in Canberra
  • Minister Shane Rattenbury ACT Legislative Assembly
  • Todd Eagles Deputy Chair & Strategy, Electric Vehicle Council – ‘Driving the Electric Vehicle Agenda’
  • Simon Evans Director, Beast Solutions
  • Michael Lord Program Director, Zero Carbon Australia and Acting CEO, Beyond Zero Emissions
  • Professor Penny Sackett Deputy Chair, ACT Climate Change Council


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Image: Public level 2 recharging facilities in Oslo Norway.
Image Credit Stephen Bygrave



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