Zero Carbon Communities

Zero Carbon Communities is an initiative of Beyond Zero Emissions that encourages communities to put our Zero Carbon Australia research into action. We provide resources and tools to help communities and councils reduce community emissions.

Our vision is a growing network of communities across Australia, working together to achieve zero carbon status. Beyond Zero Emissions can provide support to communities looking to reduce emissions. Get in touch to be part of this ground-breaking work.

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 Australian Local Government Climate Review 2018

The Australian Local Government Climate Review 2018 provides a comprehensive assessment of actions Australian councils and communities are undertaking to tackle climate change, along with the barriers and challenges they face.

The nationwide review found many local councils have corporate and community targets as well as strategies to reduce emissions.

More information, key findings and council and community actions are also available.

Zero Carbon Communities Guide

Our Zero Carbon Communities Guide is for community groups and councils who want to see rapid local progress towards zero emissions.

Zero Carbon Communities Guide Cover

Our Zero Carbon Australia series demonstrates that zero emissions is achievable and affordable in all sectors.

Key benefits to Zero Carbon Communities include significant growth in local jobs and investment, slashed electricity and gas bills for households, businesses and industry and a cleaner, healthier environment for local residents.

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Steps to a Zero Carbon Community

Steps to a Zero Carbon Community

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