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Beyond Zero Emissions is now working with communities – this is the Zero Carbon Communities program:

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The Zero Carbon Communities program is adapting BZE’s Zero Carbon Australia research to local communities, looking at different sectors and sub-sectors including:

  • Energy
  • Buildings
  • Transport
  • Waste
  • Land Use

In 2015 and 2016 a number of Australian councils began working closely with BZE to take steps towards adapting the national Zero Carbon Australia blueprint into their own local blueprints.

The 10 steps are clustered into 3  stages:

  1. Calculate baseline of current emissions – energy used by transport, buildings, other commerce and industry, plus emissions from waste and land use (including negative emissions)
  2. Develop mitigation strategies and model the potential to reduce emissions
  3. Implement emissions reduction strategies, both short-term and longer-term.



Review of Zero Emissions Councils

In 2016 BZE undertook a desktop review and survey of all councils in Australia. We wanted to know what zero emissions targets and activities were already underway in councils and communities.

We found that:

  • Many councils are working with their communities on zero emissions targets and actions
  • There are a group of high-ambition councils setting 100% renewable energy and zero emissions targets


  • Mayors and councils can be, and often are, active zero emissions and 100% renewable energy champions and leaders
  • Policy certainty plus federal funding and support is required
  • A ‘blueprint’ type resource, outlining appropriate transition technologies and strategies, would provide a consistent approach
  • Learning about the zero carbon transformation from shared resources and a network of peers might reduce costs, enhance synergies and inspire action

In 2017 BZEs Zero Carbon Communities program is continuing to work with the most ambitious of these communities to research and write the Zero Carbon Australia Communities Blueprint and to contribute to the network of peers which our survey respondents believe would be beneficial.

You are very welcome to download and print the Zero Carbon Communities brochure which describes ZCC and summarises the results of the councils survey: here for A3 High Res brochure (best for printing) and here for the A4 High Res brochure. Read the current Errata for this document here.

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