The Zero Carbon Australia Plan

The Zero Carbon Australia Plan shows how every sector of the Australian economy can move to zero emissions within 10 years using off-the-shelf, cost-effective technologies.

This series of research publications has been produced by Beyond Zero Emissions, in collaboration with various research partners, like The University of Melbourne.


The Zero Carbon Australia Plan is made up of a series of research publications:

Zero carbon Australia reports spread on carpet

Publications that emerged from work on the Zero Carbon Australia plan:

Publications overview: for brief introductions to these publications, free downloads, and more.

Zero Carbon Australia Guiding Principles

The principals we have used in developing these plans are to:

  • Provide Australia’s entire energy from renewable sources at the end of the transition period,
  • Employ only proven technology which is already commercially available, and can be used on a large scale,
  • Maintain or enhance the security and reliability of Australia’s energy supply,
  • Maintain or enhance food and water security,
  • Maintain or enhance the high standard of living currently enjoyed by Australians,
  • Maintain or enhance social equity, and
  • Maintain other environmental indices.

Our research publications are highly regarded. BZE has been ranked as one of the “Best Independent Think Tanks” in the world, by the Lauder Institute in Pennsylvania USA.


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