The Zero Carbon Australia Plan

The Zero Carbon Australia Plan shows in detail how every sector of the Australian economy can move to zero emissions within 10 years using off-the-shelf, cost-effective technologies.

BZE has collaborated with research partners and private philanthropic foundations for over ten years to create this.

The Zero Carbon Australia Plan is made up of a series of research publications:

Zero Carbon Australia Guiding Principles

The principals we have used in developing these plans are to:

  • Provide Australia’s entire energy from renewable sources at the end of the transition period,
  • Employ only proven and scaleable technology which is already commercially available,
  • Maintain or enhance the security and reliability of Australia’s energy supply,
  • Maintain or enhance food and water security,
  • Maintain or enhance the high standard of living currently enjoyed by Australians,
  • Maintain or enhance social equity, and
  • Maintain other environmental indices.

Scan excerpts of key BZE publications

A Complete List of BZE Reports.


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