Wild Animals and Climate Change

This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 17th July 2017
Today, in our second creature feature we talk to those in the front line working with animals, trying to mitigate the ruinous effects of climate change. We will learn which organisations are feverishly operating to keep these iconic Australian critters from oblivion.
We talk to Dr John Kanowski of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy – about some of the marvellous work he’s doing.
Then to ‘Batman’ Tim Pearson – who works saving flying foxes around Sydney, bringing to you one of the last recorded calls of the now extinct Pipistrelle bat.
Also chatting to Griffith University’s Professor Brendan Mackey who co-authored a recommendation for a vast conservation corridor that runs the length of our East Coast – and we see how that went!
Finally we will discuss the plight of amphibians (who will be most heavily impacted by climate change) with expert Professor Jean Marc Hero.
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