The Zero Carbon Australia project aims to describe, in detail, how Australia could de-carbonise each sector of the economy in ten years, using currently available technology. BZE has now completed plans covering:

  • Stationary energy, i.e. grid electric power generation (2010),
  • Buildings (2013),
  • High-speed rail (2014),
  • Land use (2014),
  • Energy exports (2015),
  • Electric vehicles (2016).

The next report in the series will cover industrial processes.

BZE has collaborated with distinguished institutions to prepare our widely acclaimed “Zero Carbon Australia” plans :

Renewable Energy Superpower Plan

This is a compelling vision for a prosperous Australia.

The other Zero Carbon Australia plans detail how Australia can achieve this in each sector of the economy.

Stationary Energy Plan

Buildings Plan

High Speed Rail Plan

Land Use Plan

Electric Vehicles Report


Industrial Processes Plan

Zero Carbon Communities

Since 2015, BZE has partnered with the Byron Shire Council and its community to create, and begin to implement, a blueprint for a 10 year transition based on the Zero Carbon Australia plans.

Zero Carbon Communities


These plans will form a complete blueprint for each sector of the Australian economy – Australia could become a thriving zero emissions economy.

The Project’s Guiding Principles

The plans are to:

  • Provide Australia’s entire energy from renewable sources at the end of the transition period,
  • Employ only proven and scaleable technology which is commercially available,
  • Maintain or enhance the security and reliability of Australia’s energy supply,
  • Maintain or enhance food and water security,
  • Maintain or enhance the high standard of living currently enjoyed by Australians,
  • Maintain or enhance social equity, and
  • Maintain other environmental indices.


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