Beyond Zero Emissions and the University of Melbourne’s Energy Research Institute have completed research and developed plans for Australia’s transition to a zero-carbon economy within a decade. This is the Zero Carbon Australia project.

The project has produced six plans to date:

  1. Stationary Energy Plan (2010)
  2. Buildings Plan (2013)
  3. High Speed Rail Plan (2014)
  4. Land Use Plan (2014)
  5. Renewable Energy Superpower (2015)
  6. Electric Vehicles Report (2016)

The Industrial Processes Plan is a work in progress

The Project’s Guiding Principles

  • Australia’s energy is provided entirely from renewable sources at the end of the transition period.
  • All technological solutions employed are from proven and scaleable technology which is commercially available.
  • The security and reliability of Australia’s energy supply is maintained or enhanced by the transition.
  • Food and water security are maintained or enhanced by the transition.
  • The high standard of living currently enjoyed by Australians is maintained or enhanced by the transition.
  • Social equity is maintained or enhanced by the transition.
  • Other environmental indices are maintained


You can find the original overview brochure here:


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