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Beyond Zero Emissions is run mainly by volunteers and we always welcome any assistance in the campaign for a safe climate future.

See our Position Ads for specific volunteer jobs currently available.

As a volunteer you decide the time you are willing to put in, and what areas you wish to work on, relating to your skills and interests.

We are looking for technically and non-technically minded people to:

  • help prepare our Zero Carbon Plans
  • help produce our radio shows, line up guests and interesting articles
  • join our media team and help write media releases and develop media strategies
  • maintain the web site
  • join our speakers team
  • help organise fundraisers and other events
  • and much more!

Beyond Zero Emissions has been the fortunate beneficiary of the hard work of many many volunteers for many years.  Much of our research has been done by volunteers, and volunteers have been central to our public outreach program of talks and stalls.  Our need for volunteers varies from time to time and depends upon the nature and stage of our active projects.

There are ongoing regular training sessions in most capital cities enabling you to become an accredited BZE presenter and become part of the team sharing the Zero Carbon Australia vision with the wider community at a variety of events.

If you’re keen and you’d like to work with us then please contact us.


BZE Volunteers

BZE volunteers and staff