Volunteer at Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions is run mainly by volunteers and we always welcome any assistance in the campaign for a safe climate future. See our Position Ads for specific volunteer jobs currently available.

As a volunteer you decide the time you are willing to put in, and what areas you wish to work on, relating to your skills and interests.

We are looking for technically and non-technically minded people to:

  • help prepare our Zero Carbon Plans
  • help produce our radio shows, line up guests and interesting articles
  • join our media team and help write media releases and develop media strategies
  • maintain the web site
  • join our speakers team
  • help organise fundraisers and other events
  • and much more!

We also welcome financial donations to our work.

To get involved or to discuss your options further, contact us

You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletters.


Get a Beyond Zero Emissions speaker at your organisation/workplace/school

Our experienced speakers have presented to audiences ranging from high schools to boardrooms and everywhere in between. We present a positive emphasis on the solutions to the climate crisis and provide information on the most current renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and how they could be applied across Australia to reach a zero emissions economy.

We are happy to tailor our presentation for the intended audience and can also provide detailed background to the current climate science and policy.

There is no charge for a BZE talk, though any donation to cover costs would be most welcome.

Contact us to set up your presentation.


Join your local climate action group

Over the last few years, hundreds of climate action groups have sprung up all over Australia. These groups are made up of local people who have recognised the climate emergency that we face and have got together to engage their local communities and link up with other groups to run broader campaigns.

They are our best chance for building a movement that can force governments around the world to act on the climate crisis.

If you don’t have a climate action group in your area – start one! Contact us and we can put you in touch with people that can help you.


Personal Action

Life Style

The Natural Strategies Group has an excellent site on personal action you can take to reduce your climate impact.

Your Vote

At election time your vote will determine how Australia responds to the threat of climate change, so find out which party has the best climate policies. The Environment Victoria web site is one place to get help with this.

Stay informed

Carbon Equity provides excellent weekly climate change news digests – to subscribe send a blank email to carbonequityproject-subscribe -at- topica.com.