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BZE Radio’s Technology Show focuses on the science and technology that can reduce the impacts of climate change – climate solutions. It is produced by Beyond Zero Emissions and broadcast on Fridays: 8:30 – 9:00 am from 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne and aired on other stations around Australia.

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Drawdown – The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talks to Katharine Wilkinson, D.Phil., Senior Writer at Project Drawdown, working to bring Drawdown to life and to the world and translating research into message. She brings with her an interdisciplinary background that cuts across sustainability, strategy, and thought leadership. Previously, Katharine was Director [...]

17 Jun 2017|Technology Show|

100% renewables with Totally Renewable Yackandandah

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Denis Ginnivan from Totally Renewable Yackandandah who are working with AusNet Services (electricity distributor) on a solar microgrid for their country Victorian town, Yackandandah. They also have a Perpetual Energy Fund for community renewables project. Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY) is a 100% volunteer [...]

27 May 2017|Technology Show|

Hydrogen as a renewable and clean mobility fuel source

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio's  talk to Martin Hablutzel, Head of Strategy at Siemens Australia, about the role of Hydrogen as a renewable and clean mobility fuel source and as a renewable export industry. "The electricity industry is going through major changes, with increasing penetration of renewable energy and [...]

25 May 2017|Technology Show|

A short-lived gas shortfall

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Tim Forcey and Dylan McConnell about their recently released report A short-lived gas shortfall: A review of AEMO's warning of gas-supply 'short falls'. The review found that although a “gas-price crisis” exists in eastern-Australia the size of AEMO’s forecast shortfall is very small, [...]

19 May 2017|Technology Show|

What’s it really like to drive an electric vehicle?

In this podcast, Beyond Zero Emissions Radio talks to Kay Wennagel and Michael Staindl, about owning an all-electric plug in car. BZE Interviewers: Natalie Bucknell, Laura Perri. Interview broadcast on: 12 May 2017. From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia. Further reading: Catch this and all our shows as a podcast - [...]

12 May 2017|Technology Show|

Queensland startup developing lithium-ion battery boosting nanotechnology

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talks to Stephanie Moroz, CEO of Nano-Nouvelle, a Queensland startup developing lithium-ion battery boosting nanotechnology for commercial production. Nano-Nouvelle, recent winner of a federal commercialisation grant, has proved that its pioneering processes are ready for plug-and-play production. Their designs using innovative nanotechnology materials that [...]

05 May 2017|Technology Show|

Newcastle software startup optimising solar and batteries

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio's Anthony Daniele and Matt Grantham talk to Dr Andrew Mears founder of SwitchDin, a Newcastle-based software startup, which enables prosumers greater participation in the electricity market through connectivity of their of rooftop solar energy and battery storage systems. The SwitchDin solution optimises energy systems [...]

03 May 2017|Technology Show|

Carbon sequestration with Biochar from waste wood pyrolysis

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Dr Adrian Morphett, Principal Environmental Engineer at Earth Systems, about biochar. Biochar is a form of charcoal produced from sustainable sources which when applied to the soil, can last for thousands of years, acting as a stable carbon store capturing carbon from the [...]

28 Apr 2017|Technology Show|

Grattan Institute: Retail electricity market failing consumers

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to David Blowers, Energy Fellow at the Grattan Institute, about a recent report on electricity retailer competition failing to deliver lower prices for consumers. The report titled, Price shock: Is the retail electricity market failing consumers? says the government will need to step in and re-regulate [...]

07 Apr 2017|Technology Show|

GreenSync launch deX renewable energy digital marketplace

In this podcast, Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele and Matt Grantham talk to Bruce Thompson, GM Strategic Projects at Melbourne-based energy startup GreenSync, about the recent launch of "deX". "The ARENA funded Decentralised Energy Exchange — or “deX” for short — creates an open marketplace for the value of energy generated [...]

04 Apr 2017|Technology Show|

Greensmith software optimising energy storage for grid reliability – John Jung and David Miller

In this podcast, Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele and Matt Grantham talk to Greensmith Energy Management Systems' John Jung and David Miller, on their recent visit to Australia. They are partnering with local South Australian renewable energy and battery company ZEN Energy to offer utility-scale battery solutions. Greensmith's software offers multiple value [...]

31 Mar 2017|Technology Show|

Next-generation Sodium-ion batteries use sea water: Dr Neeraj Sharma UNSW

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Dr Neeraj Sharma from UNSW about his research into next-generation Sodium-ion batteries, featuring affordability and reliability towards the 100% renewable energy transition. Dr Neeraj Sharma is Senior Lecturer & ARC DECRA Fellow, in the School of Chemistry at UNSW. "Dr Sharma is working on [...]

31 Mar 2017|Technology Show|

Climate Reality Leader & social change advocate Linh Do

In this podcast, BZE speaks to Linh Do, a social change advocate who has been working on environmental issues for the past six years. Linh is currently the community coordinator at Australian Conservation Foundation and in 2013 was named a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and Australian Geographic Young Conservationist [...]

27 Mar 2017|Technology Show|

Record ocean temperature rise: Zeke Hausfather

In this podcast, BZE speaks to Zeke Hausfather, a climate scientist and energy systems analyst at Berkeley Earth, an independent temperature analysis project. BZE Technology Radio Show: 17 March 2017: Podcast BZE Interviewers: Kay Wennagel, Michael Staindl, Natalie Bucknell Interview recorded on: 17 March 2017 From Radio 3CR [...]

27 Mar 2017|Technology Show|

Predicting rainfall and drought: Dr Fiona Johnson

In this podcast, BZE speaks to Dr Fiona Johnson, Senior Lecturer at UNSW’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, about how climate change impacts on water response systems. She is developing computer models and simulations for flood and drought variability, and helping engineers design the infrastructure to keep us safe. [...]

17 Mar 2017|Technology Show|

Podcast: Is there a valid reason for even ‘clean coal’ to remain as part of the energy mix?

'Clean coal' debunked BZE radio talks to Lynette Molyneaux: Dr Lynette Molyneaux is currently researching the resilience of electricity systems at the University of Queensland (UQ). Her research interests include carbon abatement with particular emphasis on incentives for investment in abatement technologies. In this podcast, Lynette talks about why so-called [...]

17 Mar 2017|Technology Show|

UNSW record efficiency for non-toxic, buildings application, thin-film solar cells

BZE speaks to Dr Xiaojing Hao, Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow at the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, UNSW. Dr Hao and her team have broken efficiency records for CZTS thin-film solar cells which are non-toxic and could be used on buildings roofs, facades and windows. BZE Interviewers: Kay [...]

16 Mar 2017|Technology Show|

100% renewable energy for South Australia

In this podcast, Associate Professor Mark Diesendorf talks about renewable energy, energy storage, government policy and how we can easilty achieve 100% renewable energy for Australia. "SA could transform its grid to one that is renewable, reliable and affordable – in the process showing other states how it can be done" [...]

14 Mar 2017|Technology Show|

EON: Demergers and other lessons on a Brown to Green Transition

Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele speaks to Matt Grantham about the corporate finance ideas that are bringing about the brown to green transition in the energy utility market. Matt has researched a case study of the demerger of German utility E.ON. Matt Grantham analyses parenting advantage, capital allocation and the corporate finance [...]

03 Mar 2017|Technology Show|

Renewable energy distribution across the NEM

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Jay Rutovitz. Research Director at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The BZE radio team caught up with Jay when she visited Melbourne to present a session at the recent Community Energy Congress called Maximising value – solar, storage [...]

24 Feb 2017|Technology Show|