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The “Technology Radio Show” focuses on  the science and technology that can reduce the impacts of climate change – climate solutions. It is produced by Beyond Zero Emissions and broadcast on Fridays: 8:30 – 9:00 am from 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne and aired on other stations around Australia.

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Thermal insulation coating

The reduction of extremes in heat or cold without power consumption BZE Community / Technology Radio Show: 15 July 2016: Podcast: BZE radio talks to: Charles Rendigs, the National Business Development manager of "Thermoshield", an Australian company developed and owned, situated at Dandenong. They make a coating for [...]

15 Jul 2016|Technology Show|

Friday July 8th Technology Show Chris Cooper and SunCroud

SunCrowd is Australia’s first bulk-buy for solar storage solutions. Let’s use our bulk purchasing power to make batteries affordable!  Join the movement at An entrepreneur in renewable energy Chris Cooper is Chief Energy Officer and co-founder of SunCrowd, who are helping communities run local bulk-buy campaigns to make rooftop [...]

08 Jul 2016|Technology Show|

Prof Andrew Blakers

From Stars to the Sun BZE Community / Technology Radio Show: 8 July 2016: Podcast: BZE radio talks to: Professor Andrew Blakers is a professor of engineering at the Australian National University. He works in the area of photovoltaics. His original goal was to be an astronomer studying Maths [...]

08 Jul 2016|Technology Show|

Bulk buying for rooftop solar and batteries

Helping communities run local bulk-buy campaigns to make rooftop solar and storage easy and affordable. BZE Technology Radio Show: 1 July 2016: Podcast: BZE radio talks to: Chris Cooper is Chief Energy Officer and co-founder of SunCrowd, who are helping communities run local bulk-buy campaigns to make rooftop [...]

01 Jul 2016|Technology Show|

Software for Integrating Energy Storage and the Grid

Clay Collier is serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Kisensum, a Californian start-up software company dedicated to enabling the integration of energy storage to the grid. Their project at Los Angeles Air Force Base uses software that enables them to integrate energy storage, both mobile (EV's) and stationary to support the [...]

17 Jun 2016|Technology Show|

Hannah Aulby

Transition from Coal Mine rehabilitation requires large amounts of money to be available when the mines close.  Unfortunately many companies desert mines, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. There is also a need for the communities to plan for the transition with alternative employment. Will the tax payer have to [...]

03 Jun 2016|Technology Show|

Vanadium and batteries: Podcast

Vanadium: "the beautiful metal that stores energy".  Vanadium is the key element used in redox flow batteries which can store large amounts of energy almost indefinitely, perfect for remote wind or solar farms. BZE radio talks to researchers in this field from the University of Hull in the UK: Dr [...]

01 Jun 2016|Technology Show|

Sam Wilkinson IHS

Sam Wilkinson is Research Manager - Solar & Energy Storage at IHS (based in the UK), leading its research on the PV inverter, BOS and energy storage markets. He joins Beyond Zero's Anthony Daniele to talk about the new business models making storage viable, such as Reposit Power in Canberra. [...]

18 May 2015|Technology Show|

REV up Electric bikes

  Following the ATA's EV expo, we continue the theme with electric bicycles. Rebecca Lee from Melbourne company REV-Bikes provides electric bikes and conversion kits designed to get people riding bikes where they otherwise wouldn’t. REV-Bikes and 'REVbecca' encourages the use of recycled bikes for conversions, David Metzke from Dyson Electric [...]

Glen Morris previews Energy Storage Council Conference

Glen Morris is Vice President of both the Australian Solar Council and the Australian Energy Storage Council, which seeks to advance the uptake and development of energy storage solutions in Australia. BZE Radio: May 2015 Glen previews the inaugural Energy Storage Council Conference being held alongside Solar 2015 at the [...]

01 May 2015|Technology Show|

Glen Morris previews Solar 2015

Glen Morris is Vice President of the Australian Solar Council. Through his business SolarQuip, Glen Morris has been installing renewables both on and off the grid for over 20 years. Glen consults for the CEC, is a member of their Standards Training and Accreditation Committee, is a member of Standards [...]

29 Apr 2015|Technology Show|

Dr. Frank Neumann from the University of Adelaide shares his views on wind turbines

07 Jul 2011|Technology Show|

Dr Sakdirat Kaewunruen from RailCorp talks about electrified rail in Australia

Beyond Zero Emissions' Matthew Wright speaks to Dr Sakdirat Kaewunruen, from Rail Corp, about innovations in electrified rail with a focus on Japan and how these innovations can be implemented in Australia. Download Sak's presentation on modern rail innovation in Japan here: