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BZE Radio’s Technology Show focuses on the science and technology that can reduce the impacts of climate change – climate solutions. It is produced by Beyond Zero Emissions and broadcast on Fridays: 8:30 – 9:00 am from 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne and aired on other stations around Australia.

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Podcast: Big coal undermining democracy: Kristen Lyons

Activist Academic Kristen Lyons is Associate Professor Environment and Development Sociology at The University of Queensland. Australia’s coal politics are undermining democratic and Indigenous rights BZE Technology Radio Show: 25 Nov 2016: Podcast Beyond Zero Emissions talks to Kristen Lyons: BZE Interviewers: Kay Wennagel, Michael Staindl, Laura Perri and [...]

25 Nov 2016|Technology Show|

Marc Hudson talks climate activism

BZE Radio: 17 Nov 2016 We continue the discussion with Marc Hudson. This follow-up interview focuses on Mark's many years of experience around the world in: climate activism, community organising and campaign management.

17 Nov 2016|Technology Show|

Podcast: The strategic responses of the Australian coal industry to climate change

A historical perspective of the coal industry in Australia and the chopping and changing of climate policy. BZE radio talks to Marc Hudson: Marc is studying the strategic responses of the Australian coal industry to the challenge of climate change. He is in the final year of a PhD at [...]

11 Nov 2016|Technology Show|

Podcast: What has a Tupperware party to do with climate change

BZE radio talks to Imogen Jubb. Imogen has recently joined BZE as National Manager of our Zero Carbon Communities Project. She came to her position with qualifications from the Universities of Canberra, ANU and Sydney and as a communication specialist with the ACF, Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and ABC. She [...]

04 Nov 2016|Community Project, Technology Show|

Podcast: Renewable Energy Target market impacts

Mark Williamson, ‎Executive General Manager of the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) talks about: the market impacts of the Renewable Energy Target (RET), and development opportunities. Mark's presentation was recorded at the All Energy 2016 Conference in October BZE Technology Radio Show: Oct 2016: Podcast BZE Interviewers: Kay Wennagel and [...]

31 Oct 2016|Technology Show|

EV revolution with Bede Doherty

Bede Doherty is the Business Development & e-Mobility Manager Alphabet Australia – BMW Australia Finance Ltd. In this podcast, he talks to BZE radio about the different types of Electric Vehicles (EVs) available and how they market is evolving to provide customers fleet optimisation services, car-sharing and inter-modal transport connectivity. Bede [...]

31 Oct 2016|Technology Show, Vehicles Plan|

Dylan McConnell: SA blackout has nothing to do with wind turbines

BZE Technology Radio Show: 7 Oct 2016: Podcast: Dylan McConnell of the Melbourne Energy Institute, University of Melbourne, discusses South Australia’s recent state-wide blackout following once in 50-year storms. It is extraordinary! Politicians and some media have been claiming that the state’s wind generators caused the blackout. Beyond Zero Emissions [...]

07 Oct 2016|Technology Show|

Blockchain solar power trading: Jemma Green

Blockchain solar power trading: Jemma Green. Hear about the cutting edge where solar energy meets Blockchain Technology. People who generate renewable energy can decide who they want to sell their surplus energy to, and at what price.

04 Oct 2016|Technology Show|

Mary Hendriks talks Energy Storage

BZE radio talks to: Mary Hendriks spoke about the recent Australian Energy Storage Alliance conference in Sydney. Mary is the Industry Executive of the Australian Energy Storage Alliance, an independent information hub and networking group for the energy storage sector.  Mary also has the role of Conference Advisor for the [...]

24 Sep 2016|Technology Show|

Dr Tabea Lissner

Dr Tabea Lissner leads Climate Analytics’ work in the field of socio-ecological systems and vulnerability. She has published on a range of topics in the field of climate change impacts, including recent publications on impacts at 1.5°C of warming. Dr Lissner recently presented at The University of Melbourne on the assessment [...]

23 Sep 2016|Technology Show|

Prof David Karoly calls for greater emissions reduction

Climate scientist stresses urgency. "Our climate is not safe now, so what does dangerous climate change mean?" BZE radio talks to David Karoly Professor of Atmospheric Science, School of Earth Sciences: Melbourne University. BZE Technology Radio Show: 16 Sep 2016: Podcast Broadcast from Melbourne 3CR Radio Karoly is [...]

Dr Stephen White

Dr Stephen White is CSIRO's Program Leader for the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL) He talks about the EnergyFit Homes Project research, which is a collaborative approach to unlocking the value of energy efficient homes for buyers, renters and investors.  The EnergyFit Homes Project proposes a [...]

21 Sep 2016|Technology Show|

Climate change and east coast low-pressure systems: Acacia Pepler: Podcast

BZE radio talks to: Acacia Pepler:  a PhD student at the University of New South Wales Climate Change Research Centre. She's studying extreme rainfall and low-pressure systems on the east coast of Australia (East Coast Lows). Her research is focused on why & how East Coast Lows develop, including the [...]

14 Sep 2016|Technology Show|

Dr Sara Bice

"Responsible Mining " - Is it an oxymoron or is it possible? BZE Technology Radio Show: 15 Aug 2016: Podcast: BZE radio talks to: Dr Sara Bice Research Fellow The Melbourne School of  Government The University of Melbourne Sara speaks about reducing the social impact of mining considering [...]

25 Aug 2016|Technology Show|

Geoff Pocock

Geoff Pocock is managing director of Hazer Group, a Perth-based company, spun out of the University of Western Australia, which plans to halve the cost of hydrogen production, using a near-zero emissions patented process, based on “methane cracking”.  The chemical process uses “cheap as dirt” iron ore to convert methane [...]

25 Aug 2016|Technology Show|

Dr Bonnie Monteleone

Dr Bonnie Monteleone: Co-founder, Executive Director and Director of Science, Research and Academic Partnerships for Plastic Ocean Project, Inc. whose mission is to educate through field research, implement progressive outreach initiatives, and incubate solutions to address the global plastic pollution problem. A field scientist, researcher and student supervisor in the [...]

25 Aug 2016|Technology Show|

Prof Tara P. Dhakal

Beyond Zero speaks to Professor Tara P. Dhakal of Binghamton University, State University of New York, about his research developing high efficiency solar cells. Advances in the manufacture of Solar Cells Prof Tara Dhakal started off with study of Physics and Material Science, working in Kathmandu, Nepal and Japan and [...]

25 Aug 2016|Technology Show|

Dr Ashish Sharma

  Green and cool roofs to mitigate urban heat island effects BZE Technology Radio Show: 26 July 2016: Podcast: BZE radio talks to: Dr Ashish Sharma of the University of Notre Dame (US) has completed a report on whether green roofs, which are covered with plants, and cool [...]

04 Aug 2016|Technology Show|