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BZE Radio’s Technology Show focuses on the science and technology that can reduce the impacts of climate change – climate solutions. It is produced by Beyond Zero Emissions and broadcast on Fridays: 8:30 – 9:00 am from 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne and aired on other stations around Australia.

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ClimateWorks State of Electric Vehicles in Australia

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Clare Painter, ClimateWorks Australia's Project Manager and lead author of "The State of Electric Vehicles in Australia" report (June 2017). While EV's currently only make up 0.1% of the Australian vehicle market, the report found that EV uptake, policy and consumer attitudes [...]

29 Oct 2017|Technology Show|

Imogen Jubb – BZE Zero Carbon Communities

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Imogen Jubb, National Manager for BZE's expanding Zero Carbon Communities program. Imogen talks about the new Zero Carbon Communities Guide is for community groups and councils who want to see rapid local progress towards zero emission targets. "Our vision is an ever-growing network of communities [...]

27 Oct 2017|Technology Show|

Lily Dempster – The Neighbourhood Effect

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio speaks to Lily Dempster from The Neighbourhood Effect, a new not-for-profit organisation based in Canberra, whose purpose is to enable Australians to reduce their carbon footprints in a quantifiable way, by beginning a new habit. Lily is a 28 year old climate activist from [...]

14 Oct 2017|Technology Show|

Brent Clark & Ross McIntyre’s Wattblock cutting energy costs for strata by up to 80%

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio speaks to Brent Clark, Director and Co-founder at ​Wattblock which specializes in cutting energy costs for strata by up to 80%. The analytics engine was designed and built by co-founder Ross McIntyre. Wattblock uses data analytics to estimate energy waste in buildings by comparing [...]

14 Oct 2017|Technology Show|

Roger Davies’ Fluid Solar office cuts connection to grid

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to A/Professor Roger Davies, Managing Director of Fluid Solar whose company's Adelaide headquarters, has cut itself from the electricity grid. The 4-storey office building is powered by a combination of thermal and PV solar and wind energy. "The $8 million Fluid Solar headquarters in Adelaide’s [...]

22 Sep 2017|Technology Show|

Dr Joy Murray changing climate deniers

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Dr Joy Murray, Senior Research Fellow in Integrated Sustainability Analysis, School of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney. Dr Murray is an educator and climate change communicator, whose work at the Integrated Sustainability Analysis group strives to communicate broad issues of [...]

15 Sep 2017|Technology Show|

Johanna Bowyer: Community Owned Renewable Energy

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Johanna Bowyer, PV engineer, researcher and analyst, about her report for the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI) on Regulatory and Retail Arrangements for Community Owned Embedded Networks and Renewable Energy Projects. "Currently in Australia there is a strong movement of communities seeking to [...]

01 Sep 2017|Technology Show|

Professor Angela Moles’ Big Ecology Lab

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Professor Angela Moles leads the Big Ecology Lab at UNSW, researching ecological strategies employed by plant species in different environments, and to better understand the selective processes underlying global patterns in ecology and climate change. "The Big Ecology Lab is Angela Moles' [...]

25 Aug 2017|Technology Show|

Michael Lord launches “Rethinking Cement”

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Michael Lord, Head of Research of BZE's Zero Carbon Industry Project, about the launch of Rethinking Cement: Research Report: A pathway to zero carbon cement. Rethinking Cement outlines how Australia can move to a zero carbon cement industry in 10 years "Rethinking Cement focuses [...]

19 Aug 2017|Technology Show|

2GW offshore wind farm proposed for Gippsland coast

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio's Anthony Daniele and Matt Grantham talk to Andy Evans, Managing Director of Offshore Energy, a Victorian-based company established in 2012 to identify suitable locations off the coast of Australia for the development of offshore wind energy projects. Andy Evans (formerly working with Acciona) has [...]

11 Aug 2017|Technology Show|

Peter Clarke: your rights to solar access

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Peter Clarke, a lawyer with a Masters in Environmental Law at Hones Lawyers in Sydney NSW. He talks about your rights to solar access for solar panels or passive solar designed buildings. As a householder, what are your rights within the law? "Solicitor [...]

04 Aug 2017|Technology Show|

Energy savers using voltage regulation & power factor correction

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio's Anthony Daniele and Matt Grantham talk to Richard McIndoe, former CEO of Energy Australia, about his Melbourne-based startup Edge Electrons. The company provides voltage regulation and power factor correction technologies which could save 10% off a typical energy bill. He also talks about how Edge [...]

21 Jul 2017|Technology Show|

Dr Melissa Hart: Urban climate & impacts on cities

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Dr Melissa Hart, Graduate Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science at UNSW, about her research into urban climate, climate on cities, and the meteorological controls on air pollution. Melissa is a strong advocate for gender equity in [...]

07 Jul 2017|Technology Show|

Wind-diesel hybrids halving emissions for off-grid power

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio's Anthony Daniele and Matt Grantham talk to Thomas Qvist Vestesen, CEO of Danvest Group from Denmark. The Danish company is bringing their wind-diesel and solar-diesel technology into Australia, for powering off-grid, rural and remote locations. Compared to conventional diesel generators the reduction in fuel consumption, [...]

07 Jul 2017|Technology Show|

Stucco student cooperative: Australia’s first community-controlled solar & battery installation for apartments

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talks to Sarah King & Dr Bjorn Sturmberg from Stucco cooperative, the first multi-unit residence to achieve a unified solar panel and battery network in Australia. In Newtown, Stucco began as a co-op for low-income students of Sydney University. In 2015, the City of Sydney Council awarded [...]

30 Jun 2017|Technology Show|

GreenPower puts over $1 billion into Australia’s renewable energy industry

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Tim Stock, Manager of Sustainable Energy Programs – Division of Energy, Water, Regulation and Portfolio Strategy, at GreenPower. GreenPower is the only voluntary government accredited program that enables your electricity provider to purchase renewable energy on your household's or business' behalf. "Since 1997, [...]

24 Jun 2017|Technology Show|

The future beyond coal – the need for empowerment and optimism

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talk to Dr Amanda Cahill, founder and director of the Centre for Social Change, who has a PhD in Human Geography and has worked with communities in Brazil, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste and indigenous Australia. She was also a former Board member of BZE. [...]

23 Jun 2017|Technology Show|

Prof Paul Dastoor: Printed solar cells solving energy crisis

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio's Anthony Daniele and Matt Grantham talk to Prof Paul Dastoor, Director of the Centre for Organic Electronics at the University of Newcastle, about the recent 100sqm installation of printed solar cells, manufactured at his research centre. Printed solar has applications as diverse as the [...]

21 Jun 2017|Technology Show|