This show was broadcast on Monday 30th January 2017 – Kate Auty, Philip Sutton, Luke Taylor

The annual National Sustainable Living Festival starts this week and runs from 4 Feb to 28 Feb – with the Big Weekend in Melbourne Friday-Sunday, 10-12 February.

In the first interview Vivien talks to Luke Taylor about the Festival program, the film The Age of Consequences, communicating the climate emergency to leave nobody behind and many things besides.

In the second interview Natalie speak with Philip Sutton from RSTI and Breakthrough on the 3 parts of the thinking behind the Climate Emergency Declaration, and how people can help it be taken on at every level to create a ripple wave across Australia – starting local, state and building up to federal.

We finish with a recording of Kate Auty speaking on her perspective on local level theory of change.

<<  Many may know the National Sustainable Living Festival is on again. Come along, you can hear from folks like Alan Pears, Richard Keech or myself during this month-long series of events. Cheers, Tim Forcey  >>