Support the call for Australia’s first solar thermal plant

Beyond Zero Emissions is leading a campaign to get Australia’s first solar thermal power plants built – and we need your help.

Repower Port Augusta is gaining momentum. Next week we are heading to the SA Parliament, the RPA Alliance has gained interest from unions and business groups and the Port Augusta local group is holding a pivotal vote in the community next month.

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Port Augusta: An opportunity to rethink and repower.

Port Augusta, four hours’ drive north of Adelaide, has two of Australia’s oldest coal power stations, Playford B and Northern. They produce 30% of South Australia’s electricity and employ 250 people. Sadly they also emit five million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year and are causing terrible health problems.

These plants are almost certain to close soon – they are old, their coal supply is running out and they are unhealthy for the local community. Playford B could secure contracts for closure within weeks.

Their closing is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build Australia’s first baseload solar thermal plants – the right time and the right place.

• Port Augusta has a great solar resource and the transmission infrastructure is in place

• 95 wind turbines and 6 solar thermal plants could provide energy and employment

• A skilled workforce is ready to run the new solar power plants

• The Port Augusta Regional Council are solidly behind the proposal

However there is a long way to go…

The threat of gas

Both major political parties intend to replace Playford and Northern power stations with a gas plant. This would mean locking in 50 years of emissions from gas, the loss of 90% of power station jobs in Port Augusta, and continued health impacts. Because South Australia has at most 13 years of gas reserves, these power plants will be running mostly on coal seam gas from Queensland and New South Wales.

Help us win

Together we have the chance to build Australia’s first concentrated solar thermal plant. We can win this fight – but we need your help.

A campaign as ambitious as this will take lot of hard work. BZE needs to raise $50,000 to hire a campaign coordinator to build the Repower Port Augusta campaign on a local, state and national level.

For just $30 a month you can make sure that the BZE team is on the streets and in the media, calling for a solar future. Thanks for your support.