US climate and energy policy with Dr Sara Bice

Listen to BZE podcast on the recent US presidential vote for Donald Trump and its implications for climate and energy policy.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 12 Dec 2016: Podcast

Dr Sara Bice addressed an Executive Roundtable (before the 20 January inauguration) about what a Trump presidency could mean for climate policy, transparency and women, on questions including:

·         What will a Trump presidency mean for the Paris Agreement?

·         What could a Trump presidency mean for climate change mitigation, more generally?

·         Does it matter whether a US President supports climate change mitigation or not? Will this really affect us all the way in Australia?

·         How could Trump’s picks for key offices (e.g. EPA, Energy Secretary) affect the US commitments to climate change mitigation?

·         Can Trump really revitalise America’s refinery industry?

BZE Guest: Dr Sara Bice (Director, Research Translation at Melbourne School of Government) of the University of Melbourne

Broadcast: 12 December 2016 @3CR

BZE interview team: Kay Wennagel, Michael Staindl, Natalie Bucknell

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