100% renewable energy for South Australia

  • MarkDiesendorf

In this podcast, Associate Professor Mark Diesendorf talks about renewable energy, energy storage, government policy and how we can easilty achieve 100% renewable energy for Australia.

“SA could transform its grid to one that is renewable, reliable and affordable – in the process showing other states how it can be done” says Dr Mark Diesendorf.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 14 March 2017: Podcast

Beyond Zero Emissions talks to Dr Mark Diesendorf:

  • Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) teaches, researches and consults in the interdisciplinary fields of sustainable energy, energy policy and economics.
  • He is author of the book, Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change.

BZE Interviewers: Vivien Langford

Interview recorded: March 2017

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

Further reading:

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AEMO’s FINAL REPORT INTO THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN STATE-WIDE POWER OUTAGE  Report pdf  Video of Release of the AEMO report – Dr Anthony Marxsen & Panel discussion

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