Radio Producer Intern (Volunteer)

Beyond Zero Emissions has a position for a volunteer that we want to fill.

Please send your application and CV to

Advertised: June 2017

This volunteer:

  • Joins our team for 1 – 1.5 hours every Friday as a radio show producer of the “Beyond Zero Emissions: Climate  Solutions Radio Show”
  • Operates the radio panel at 3CR in Fitzroy
  • Conducts and records interviews
  • Maintains contacts to support the lead radio producer and the communication team of Beyond Zero Emissions.
  • Provides input into programming, radio-related events
  • Recruits and trains co-producers to support this work
  • Undertakes technical radio panel training
  • If you are comfortable, undertaking interviews within the wider and climate solutions communities.
  • Works alongside the BZE radio teams to provide audio that can be used for the radio show and other BZE promotions and research outreach
  • Covered the $250 cost of the formal 3CR radio panel training
  • Extra hours to help prepare a schedule of shows
  • Needs strong communication skills with the ability to work closely with the team to arrange and conduct interviews
  • Needs to quickly develop an understanding of specific programmes and services provided by BZE

This role will allow you to:

  • Experience the inner workings of BZE which has been ranked globally in the top 100 independent think tanks in 2017
  • Learn about climate journalism and radio production
  • Use your experience as to ensure your CV stands out for future job applications
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