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Pumped hydro storage for 100% renewable grid: Prof Andrew Blakers

In this podcast, Prof Andrew Blakers talks about how pumped hydro energy storage can support a 100% renewable energy grid of wind and PV.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 17 Feb 2017: Podcast

Beyond Zero Emissions talks to Prof Andrew Blakers:

  • Foundation Director of the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems at the Australian National University, which employs over 60 staff
  • Published approximately 200 papers and patents mainly in the areas of photovoltaic and solar energy system
  • Research interests include Solar energy, semiconductors, photovoltaics, silicon solar cells, urban concentrators, Energy policy & economics. Pumped hydro energy storage.

BZE Interviewers: Kay Wennagel, Michael Staindl, Natalie Bucknell

Interview broadcast on: 17 Feb 2017

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

Further reading:

The Conversation: The government is right to fund energy storage: a 100% renewable grid is within reach

RenewEconomy: ANU to map pumped hydro storage potential to back wind and solar

ANU: Energy Storage

Commentary thanks to BZE volunteer Bev McIntyre:

An oversize farm dam on a steep hill can be a miniature hydro electric scheme!

Kay, Michael and Natalie interviewed Prof. Andrew Blakers from the Sustainable Energy Systems at ANU to speak about Pump Hydro Energy Storage (PHES)

Andrew described pump hydro as a relatively simple mechanism –  basically only needing a large dam, a steep hill and a connecting pipe. The same water gets pumped from the base of the hill to the upper reservoir where it remains until required for the production of energy on its return. The steeper the hill the more effective, as this would produce more force and require a shorter length of pipe. It can be set up relatively easily –  “off the shelf” as Andrew describes it.

There are many systems in the world, some connected to rivers, but there are thousands of available sites off-rivers – including many opportunities in South Australia (S.A.).  There are three already in use in Australia – two on rivers, one at Kangaroo Valley.

S.A. already has nearly 50% renewables, mainly wind, and there is a need for both a storage facility and an upgrade of the inter-connectors to the NEM.

Andrew and his team will be releasing a paper about pumped hydro storage for a 100% renewable energy grid in March 2017.

23 Feb 2017|Technology Show|

Communities taking renewable power into their own hands: Nicky Ison

BZE speaks to Nicky Ison, Director and founder of the Community Power Agency. Nicky is Senior Research Consultant at the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) at the University of Technology, Sydney.  Through ISF, Nicky was the lead author of the ARENA funded National Community Energy Strategy and lead organiser of the upcoming Community Energy Congress.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 10 Feb 2017: Podcast

BZE Interviewers: Kay Wennagel, Michael Staindl, Natalie Bucknell

Interview broadcast on: 10 Feb 2017

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

20 Feb 2017|Technology Show|

Support, Healing, and Activism

This show was broadcast on Mon 20th Feb 2017

We talk to Katerina Gaita (CEO of Climate for Change), who hopes they will have talked to 500,000 Australians by next year and has had interest in the model of community building from Singapore and Canada.

Carol Ride is a Psychologist (Psychology for a Safe Climate) who is fortifying those who are already active but weighed down by the frustration and heaviness of knowing how fast we are moving towards irreversible tipping points.
Scott Lewington is a musician from The Same Boat. Their show Adios Adani! (A musical protest and fundraiser) will give the proceeds to the Wangan & Jagalingou people whose land is where Adani wants to mine. 
They have taken them to court and need our support.
Main Image: Canadian Tar Sands Healing Walk – Aboriginal elders lead procession under a banner reading “Stop the Destruction Start the Healing”. Along the way they stopped to pray for the land’s healing with offerings of tobacco, water and song. (image credit: Laura Whitney)
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20 Feb 2017|Community Show|

Coal Citizens or Solar Citizens?

This show was broadcast on Mon 13th Feb 2017

Our guests are Economist Dr Rod Campbell, Research Director of The Australia Institute. Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke, and Peter Yacono, Director of the new documentary “Our Power” about the Latrobe Valley, it’s people, and the Hazelwood power station.

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13 Feb 2017|Community Show|

Computational Design for sustainability: Dr. M. Hank Haeusler

BZE speaks to Dr. M. Hank Haeusler, Discipline Director of Computational Design at Australian School of Architecture + Design at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney. The Computational Design degree is the first of its kind in Australia. Hank is also a senior lecturer with experience throughout Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.


11 Feb 2017|Technology Show|

BZE EV Report (Canberra Launch)

This show was broadcast on Mon 6th Feb 2017.

Thank you very much to Canberra’s 2XX team and Clayton McDonald for the recording and airing at Behind The Lines.

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07 Feb 2017|Community Show|

Community-owned renewable energy retailer Enova Energy: Alison Crook AO

In this podcast, Beyond Zero speaks to Alison Crook AO, the chair of Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer and social enteprise Enova Energy, based in the Northern Rivers region in NSW.

Enova is breaking exciting new ground as a notable pioneer in the rapidly growing community renewable energy field. Enova is transforming community energy models.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 3 Feb 2017: Podcast

Beyond Zero Emissions talks to Alison Crook AO:

Alison Crook AO speaks about her beautiful Norther Rivers, where her family has a long history in the region. Northern Rivers extends along the Eastern seaboard from Coffs Harbour to the Queensland border and the Enova’s Community Energy group arose out of the justifiable frustration at the disinterest and lack of will demonstrated by State and Federal governments in renewable generation. And the local threat of the development of CSG in the area was the final straw.


03 Feb 2017|Technology Show|

Uniti electric city car reinventing the automobile: Lewis Horne

Beyond Zero speaks to Australian Lewis Horne, CEO of Swedish startup Uniti. Uniti EV is an electric city car that aims for holistic sustainability, a futuristic user experience and open source development, based in Sweden.

02 Feb 2017|Technology Show|

National Sustainable Living Festival, the oncoming wave of Climate Emergency Declarations and Kate Auty on “starting where you are”

This show was broadcast on Monday 30th January 2017 – Kate Auty, Philip Sutton, Luke Taylor

The annual National Sustainable Living Festival starts this week and runs from 4 Feb to 28 Feb – with the Big Weekend in Melbourne Friday-Sunday, 10-12 February.

In the first interview Vivien talks to Luke Taylor about the Festival program, the film The Age of Consequences, communicating the climate emergency to leave nobody behind and many things besides.

In the second interview Natalie speak with Philip Sutton from RSTI and Breakthrough on the 3 parts of the thinking behind the Climate Emergency Declaration, and how people can help it be taken on at every level to create a ripple wave across Australia – starting local, state and building up to federal.

We finish with a recording of Kate Auty speaking on her perspective on local level theory of change.

<<  Many may know the National Sustainable Living Festival is on again. Come along, you can hear from folks like Alan Pears, Richard Keech or myself during this month-long series of events. Cheers, Tim Forcey  >>


30 Jan 2017|Community Show|

My Efficient Electric Home: Tim Forcey

Seeing a new article (Jan 2017) by Energy Advisor, Tim Forcey, in The Conversation, we revisit some Tim Forcey podcasts about switching off gas and going all-electric for the most energy efficient, comfortable, sustainable home which saves you money on your electricity bills.

Can Facebook help you make your home more sustainable?

Tim Forcey, University of Melbourne

Facebook has always been controversial, with many users worrying about how the information they post might be used. Lately, the social media behemoth has also been criticised for facilitating the spread of fake news.

But over the past 18 months I have learned that the technology of Facebook groups offers an effective way for people to collaborate on common interests – in my case, on enhancing the sustainability of our homes and lifestyles.


29 Jan 2017|Technology Show|

Sydney Peace Prize Award Ceremony and Lecture

This show was broadcast on Mon 23rd January 2017

The 2016 Sydney Peace Foundation Prize was presented to Naomi Klein at Sydney Town Hall on Friday 11 November. This inspiring lecture and award ceremony featured an opening song by Missy Higgins, an introduction by Senator Patrick Dodson and the awarding of the Prize by Professor Gillian Triggs.

“The Jury commended Klein for proposing solutions that not only reduce emissions and end fossil fuel extraction, but also aim for social justice, economic fairness.”

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FB conversation:

23 Jan 2017|Community Show|

Podcast: Clean Energy Future: Alan Pears

Alan Pears AM, is arguably Australia’s best-regarded sustainability and energy efficiency expert. In this podcast, Alan talks about renewable energy, government policy and what he calls our ‘competitive democracy’.

“The problems are our leadership, short-sightedness, the misguided fear we will be worse off in a clean energy future, and lack of vision and practical focus.” And through all this Alan Pears remains positive!

BZE Technology Radio Show: 20 Jan 2017: Podcast

Beyond Zero Emissions talks to Alan Pears AM:

  • Senior Industry Fellow at RMIT University and advises a number of industry and community organisations
  • 75+ columns over 2 decades for Renew magazine which was released as an e-book in late 2016 titled The Pears Report: Reflections on two decades of energy and climate policy and available for download from the ATA.
  • Expert in Appliance and equipment energy efficiency ratings and standards

BZE Interviewers: Kay Wennagel and Michael Staindl

Interview recorded on: 20 Jan 2017

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

Further reading:

RenewEconomy: 10 clean energy facts

ReNew: The Pears Report: Reflections on reflections

20 Jan 2017|Technology Show|

The Cape – Victoria’s first climate adapted greenfield housing project

6:30 – 8pm Monday 6 February 2017

We kick off the BZE Discussion Group series for 2017 in Melbourne on Monday 6 February.

Our guest speaker is BRENDAN CONDON, Director of  The Cape – Victoria’s first climate-adapted greenfield housing project

How do we build carbon neutral housing estates and eliminate emissions from the housing sector? Are Australian houses up to the challenges of rising temperatures and longer and more intense hot spells on a heating planet?

Brendan Condon is Director of The Cape sustainable housing project, overlooking beautiful Bass Strait at Cape Paterson near Phillip Island and 90 minutes from Melbourne. This community will have 220 homes when complete, and already features some of the best examples of common sense integrated sustainability in Australia, including 8 star energy and water efficient housing, solar energy, energy efficient appliances and operating systems, electric vehicle infrastructure, urban food production, rainwater harvesting, habitat restoration and much more. Homes are designed to be carbon neutral, comfortable in all conditions with minimal heating and cooling, and to have annual energy bills as low as 20% of conventional homes.

Below is a video recording of this event or you can click here to view on the BZE YouTube channel

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Presentation Slides available here: (29mB PDF)

6:30 – 8pm Monday 6 February 2017

McCoy Building
Fritz Loewe Theatre (entry via level 2)
University of Melbourne
Cnr Elgin & Swanston Streets, Carlton

Public transport: Stop 111 Cnr Elgin & Swanston Streets on tram routes 1 & 8.
Entry to building is on south side of Elgin St up the ramp and through the automatic doors.
Entry: Gold coin donation
Thank you to the University of Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI), our Zero Carbon Australia project partners for supporting us in bringing you this event.
Everyone is welcome to come along to the pub next door to continue the discussion after 8pm!

18 Jan 2017|Discussion Group|

The Unforgiving Math of Staying Under 2 Degrees

 This show was broadcast on Mon 16th January 2017
“In the landmark Paris accord, 195 countries from around the world agreed that they would collectively keep average global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees, and that they would pursue efforts to limit warming to 1.5 degrees. But what does science have to say on actually keeping those goals? And how fast, and by how much, will we have to cut our emissions to get there?”
Professor Kevin Anderson, deputy director of the influential Tyndall Centre, is a climate scientist who looks at exactly this question. And the math he comes away with, isn’t pretty. We look at the small timeframe we have to make the Paris declarations a reality, and why it won’t be as straightforward as perhaps some of us have been led to believe.”
– interview courtesy of The Elephant Podcast
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18 Jan 2017|Community Show|

Heatwaves, Nature’s Fury

This show was broadcast on Mon 9th January 2017

Today we rebroadcast a topic that is of timely importance as we head into summer.
Greg Foyster brings us the hot facts about heatwaves. Maggie Baron recalls the devastating impact of one fateful heatwave on her own family.
Stephen Bygrave and Andrew Bray on RET games and how to get with the world trend on renewables.
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09 Jan 2017|Community Show|

Summer Series – Lifeline for a suicidal world

This show was broadcast on Mon 2nd January 2017

Listen in at 3cr – latest episode from Jan 2.

In conversation with Lyn Bender, Deb Hart and Blair Palese


The title of this broadcast refers to the Pope’s words:
 “We are at the limit of suicide, to say a strong word. Our world is on a suicidal course unless we  pay attention and pull out of this nosedive into the sixth great extinction.”
Our guests joining the show:
Lyn Bender – Former Manager of “Lifeline” Melbourne
Deborah Hart – Climate Angel and author of “Guarding Eden”
Blair Palese – CEO of 350.ORG

 BZE Radio Mon 5-6pm


This special re-broadcast is BZE Radio’s New Year Summer Series producer’s pick. We hope you enjoy.



22 Dec 2016|Community Show|

Summer Series – Psychologist Per Espen Stoknes on Thinking about Global Warming

This show was broadcast on Mon 26th December 2016

Listen in at 3cr – latest episode

In conversation with Per Espen Stoknes, Lyn Bender, Susie Burke, and with Vivien Langford.

“The more facts that pile up about global warming, the greater the resistance to them grows, making it harder to enact measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare communities for the inevitable change ahead.”

“It is a catch-22 that starts, says psychologist and economist Per Espen Stoknes, from an inadequate understanding of the way most humans think, act, and live in the world around them. With dozens of examples—from the private sector to government agencies—Stoknes shows how to retell the story of climate change and, at the same time, create positive, meaningful actions that can be supported even by deniers.”

This special re-broadcast is BZE Radio’s Christmas Summer Series producer’s pick of the year for 2016. We hope you enjoy.

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22 Dec 2016|Community Show|

US climate and energy policy with Dr Sara Bice

Listen to BZE podcast on the recent US presidential vote for Donald Trump and its implications for climate and energy policy.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 12 Dec 2016: Podcast

Dr Sara Bice addressed an Executive Roundtable (before the 20 January inauguration) about what a Trump presidency could mean for climate policy, transparency and women, on questions including:

·         What will a Trump presidency mean for the Paris Agreement?

·         What could a Trump presidency mean for climate change mitigation, more generally?

·         Does it matter whether a US President supports climate change mitigation or not? Will this really affect us all the way in Australia?

·         How could Trump’s picks for key offices (e.g. EPA, Energy Secretary) affect the US commitments to climate change mitigation?

·         Can Trump really revitalise America’s refinery industry?

BZE Guest: Dr Sara Bice (Director, Research Translation at Melbourne School of Government) of the University of Melbourne

Broadcast: 12 December 2016 @3CR

BZE interview team: Kay Wennagel, Michael Staindl, Natalie Bucknell

20 Dec 2016|Technology Show|

Summer Series – Climate Change is Bigger than Capitalism: George Monbiot

This show was broadcast on Mon 19th December 2016

Listen in from 3cr – latest episode

In this interview (courtesy of The Elephant Podcast and Kevin Kaners), Guardian columnist George Monbiot argues that the climate crisis isn’t just an isolated problem, but one that’s intimately tied to other systemic issues in our societies – from the run-away political power of corporations which are undermining our democracies, to the rampant consumerism culture that dominates the West.

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Heatwave Fact Sheet  (160Kb PDF)

19 Dec 2016|Community Show|

Methane emissions from gas developments under reported: Dimitri Lafleur

Dimitri Lafleur talks about a new report by the Melbourne Energy Institute which found that unmeasured methane leakage and fugitive emissions from unconventional gasfields could cause Australia to fail its Paris climate commitments. In this podcast, Dimitri Lafleur speaks about methane leakage rates in US unconventional gas fields which are 10-25 times higher than the Australian government reports to the UNFCCC, and up to 170 times higher than those claimed by the gas industry. Dimitri is currently in pursuit of a PhD at the University of Melbourne, researching the climate impact of fugitive emissions of the fossil fuel industry.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 9 Dec 2016: Podcast

BZE Interviewers: Natalie Bucknell, Kay Wennagel and Michael Staindl

Interview broadcast on: 9 Dec 2017

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

Further reading:

The Australia Institute: Australia’s unaccounted for emissions could cause Paris target failure

UoM: A review of current and future methane emissions from Australian unconventional oil and gas production

UoM Melbourne Energy Institute: Burping oil and gas infrastructure

The Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Sleeper issue’ of leaking coal seam gas fields may blow hole in emissions goals

Dimitri Lafleur presents “Failing Paris” at the BZE Discussion Group in Dec 2016

16 Dec 2016|Technology Show|