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The Unforgiving Math of Staying Under 2 Degrees

 This show was broadcast on Mon 16th January 2017
“In the landmark Paris accord, 195 countries from around the world agreed that they would collectively keep average global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees, and that they would pursue efforts to limit warming to 1.5 degrees. But what does science have to say on actually keeping those goals? And how fast, and by how much, will we have to cut our emissions to get there?”
Professor Kevin Anderson, deputy director of the influential Tyndall Centre, is a climate scientist who looks at exactly this question. And the math he comes away with, isn’t pretty. We look at the small timeframe we have to make the Paris declarations a reality, and why it won’t be as straightforward as perhaps some of us have been led to believe.”
– interview courtesy of The Elephant Podcast
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18 Jan 2017|Community Show|

Heatwaves, Nature’s Fury

This show was broadcast on Mon 9th January 2017

Today we rebroadcast a topic that is of timely importance as we head into summer.
Greg Foyster brings us the hot facts about heatwaves. Maggie Baron recalls the devastating impact of one fateful heatwave on her own family.
Stephen Bygrave and Andrew Bray on RET games and how to get with the world trend on renewables.
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09 Jan 2017|Community Show|

Summer Series – Lifeline for a suicidal world

This show was broadcast on Mon 2nd January 2017

Listen in at 3cr – latest episode from Jan 2.

In conversation with Lyn Bender, Deb Hart and Blair Palese


The title of this broadcast refers to the Pope’s words:
 “We are at the limit of suicide, to say a strong word. Our world is on a suicidal course unless we  pay attention and pull out of this nosedive into the sixth great extinction.”
Our guests joining the show:
Lyn Bender – Former Manager of “Lifeline” Melbourne
Deborah Hart – Climate Angel and author of “Guarding Eden”
Blair Palese – CEO of 350.ORG

 BZE Radio Mon 5-6pm


This special re-broadcast is BZE Radio’s New Year Summer Series producer’s pick. We hope you enjoy.



22 Dec 2016|Community Show|

Summer Series – Psychologist Per Espen Stoknes on Thinking about Global Warming

This show was broadcast on Mon 26th December 2016

Listen in at 3cr – latest episode

In conversation with Per Espen Stoknes, Lyn Bender, Susie Burke, and with Vivien Langford.

“The more facts that pile up about global warming, the greater the resistance to them grows, making it harder to enact measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare communities for the inevitable change ahead.”

“It is a catch-22 that starts, says psychologist and economist Per Espen Stoknes, from an inadequate understanding of the way most humans think, act, and live in the world around them. With dozens of examples—from the private sector to government agencies—Stoknes shows how to retell the story of climate change and, at the same time, create positive, meaningful actions that can be supported even by deniers.”

This special re-broadcast is BZE Radio’s Christmas Summer Series producer’s pick of the year for 2016. We hope you enjoy.

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22 Dec 2016|Community Show|

US climate and energy policy with Dr Sara Bice

Listen to BZE podcast on the recent US presidential vote for Donald Trump and its implications for climate and energy policy.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 12 Dec 2016: Podcast

Dr Sara Bice addressed an Executive Roundtable (before the 20 January inauguration) about what a Trump presidency could mean for climate policy, transparency and women, on questions including:

·         What will a Trump presidency mean for the Paris Agreement?

·         What could a Trump presidency mean for climate change mitigation, more generally?

·         Does it matter whether a US President supports climate change mitigation or not? Will this really affect us all the way in Australia?

·         How could Trump’s picks for key offices (e.g. EPA, Energy Secretary) affect the US commitments to climate change mitigation?

·         Can Trump really revitalise America’s refinery industry?

BZE Guest: Dr Sara Bice (Director, Research Translation at Melbourne School of Government) of the University of Melbourne

Broadcast: 12 December 2016 @3CR

BZE interview team: Kay Wennagel, Michael Staindl, Natalie Bucknell

20 Dec 2016|Technology Show|

Summer Series – Climate Change is Bigger than Capitalism: George Monbiot

This show was broadcast on Mon 19th December 2016

Listen in from 3cr – latest episode

In this interview (courtesy of The Elephant Podcast and Kevin Kaners), Guardian columnist George Monbiot argues that the climate crisis isn’t just an isolated problem, but one that’s intimately tied to other systemic issues in our societies – from the run-away political power of corporations which are undermining our democracies, to the rampant consumerism culture that dominates the West.

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Heatwave Fact Sheet  (160Kb PDF)

19 Dec 2016|Community Show|

Methane emissions from gas developments under reported: Dimitri Lafleur

Dimitri Lafleur talks about a new report by the Melbourne Energy Institute which found that unmeasured methane leakage and fugitive emissions from unconventional gasfields could cause Australia to fail its Paris climate commitments. In this podcast, Dimitri Lafleur speaks about methane leakage rates in US unconventional gas fields which are 10-25 times higher than the Australian government reports to the UNFCCC, and up to 170 times higher than those claimed by the gas industry. Dimitri is currently in pursuit of a PhD at the University of Melbourne, researching the climate impact of fugitive emissions of the fossil fuel industry.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 9 Dec 2016: Podcast

BZE Interviewers: Natalie Bucknell, Kay Wennagel and Michael Staindl

Interview broadcast on: 9 Dec 2017

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

Further reading:

The Australia Institute: Australia’s unaccounted for emissions could cause Paris target failure

UoM: A review of current and future methane emissions from Australian unconventional oil and gas production

UoM Melbourne Energy Institute: Burping oil and gas infrastructure

The Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Sleeper issue’ of leaking coal seam gas fields may blow hole in emissions goals

Dimitri Lafleur presents “Failing Paris” at the BZE Discussion Group in Dec 2016

16 Dec 2016|Technology Show|

Summer Series Community – What DO climate scientists get up to in Antarctica?

This show was broadcast on Mon 12th December 2016

We go behind the scenes and talk live to the scientists currently working in and studying the Antarctic. Their work deepens our understanding of the role the region plays in the global climate system, and the implications for marine ecosystems.

Dr David Etheridge – CSIRO
Dr Sue Cook – Glaciologist – University of Tasmania
Prof Tony Worby – CEO

Heatwave Fact Sheet  (160Kb PDF)

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14 Dec 2016|Community Show|

Prof James Meadowcroft

BZE speaks to Prof James Meadowcroft about how governments are adjusting their practices and policies to cope with climate change, the environment and sustainable development.  James Meadowcroft holds a Canada Research Chair in Governance for Sustainable Development. He is a Professor in both the Department of Political Science and the School of Public Policy and Administration, at the Carleton University in Canada.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 2 Dec 2016: Podcast

BZE Interviewers: Natalie Bucknell, Kay Wennagel and Michael Staindl

Interview recorded on: 2 Dec 2017

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

Further reading:

Engaging with the politics of sustainability transitions

The political economy of carbon capture and storage: An analysis of two demonstration projects

The Conversation: Could Canada hold the key to Britain’s rotten record on carbon capture?

07 Dec 2016|Technology Show|

Summer Series – Guarding Eden: The Climate Angels

This show was broadcast on Mon 5th December 2016

Heatwave Fact Sheet  (160Kb PDF)

What would it take for you to climb an industrial chimney, blockade a coal mine or make a speech to hundreds of people?
The answer for the people in “Guarding Eden” is climate change.

We meet author Deborah Hart and the people who inspire her.

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07 Dec 2016|Community Show, Podcasts|

Green energy with Energy Tailors

BZE speaks to Dom Mendonca and Dominic Eales from Melbourne start-up Energy Tailors, an independent service that alerts you with the cheapest and greenest energy options. In this podcast, Energy Tailors introduces:

  • Which energy plans are green – and how green they are
  • Information about which retailers are performing better on environmental metrics
  • Depending on your situation you may be able to switch to 100% renewable energy
  • Your Green Power contribution additional to the Renewable Energy Target (RET)
  • Save money and carbon emissions!

Dom Mendonca is CEO and Founder of Energy Tailors with over a decade experience in the energy utilities industry.

Dominic Eales is Solution Architect and Web Developer, at Energy Tailors.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 2 Dec 2016: Podcast

BZE Interviewers: Natalie Bucknell, Kay Wennagel and Michael Staindl

Interview broadcast on: 2 Dec 2016

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

02 Dec 2016|Technology Show|

Energy-efficient electric heat-pump hot water

Eliminate gas from your Energy Freedom home and choose energy efficient electric heat pumps

BZE radio talks to Mark Padwick:

Mark Padwick, Sanden Australia Managing Director, explains how the electric heat pump systems works to heat hot water. The Sanden Eco Hot Water Heat Pump is an energy efficient replacement for your traditional electric or solar hot water system. Mark also explains the tank sizes available and how efficiently, quickly and quietly the heat pumps heats water.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 18 Nov 2016: Podcast:

29 Nov 2016|Technology Show|

ELECTRIC VEHICLES The Future of Transport

BZE Radio: 28November 2016

We talk everything electric and the challenges and opportunities ahead with guests:



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FB conversation:

28 Nov 2016|Community Show|

Podcast: Big coal undermining democracy: Kristen Lyons

Activist Academic Kristen Lyons is Associate Professor Environment and Development Sociology at The University of Queensland.

Australia’s coal politics are undermining democratic and Indigenous rights

BZE Technology Radio Show: 25 Nov 2016: Podcast

Beyond Zero Emissions talks to Kristen Lyons:

BZE Interviewers: Kay Wennagel, Michael Staindl, Laura Perri and Natalie Bucknell

Interview recorded on: 25 Nov 2016:

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

Further reading:

The Conversation: Australia’s coal politics are undermining democratic and Indigenous rights

The Conversation: How the pursuit of carbon and fossil fuels harms vulnerable communities

25 Nov 2016|Technology Show|

Marrakech COP22 : UN Climate Conference Global Energy Transition has Started

This show was broadcast on Mon 21st November 2016

We talk COP22 with Professor Martijn Wilder (The Australian National University) who is back from the conference, and Christine Milne who is observing from the sidelines as an international Green. And interview Australian school kids about their thoughts on a renewable future.

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23 Nov 2016|Community Show|

Marc Hudson talks climate activism

BZE Radio: 17 Nov 2016

We continue the discussion with Marc Hudson. This follow-up interview focuses on Mark’s many years of experience around the world in:

  • climate activism,
  • community organising and
  • campaign management.
17 Nov 2016|Technology Show|

Forests: The Lungs of Our Planet

BZE Radio: 14 November 2016: Podcast:

Scientists are saying that 50% of the Amazon is facing deforestation by 2020. Louise Boronyak Vasco (UTS: University of Technology Sydney) talks about Amazon Watch – which is advancing the rights of indigenous peoples and protecting their territories to save the Amazon, and the Earth’s climate.

Destruction of Carbon-Rich Mangroves Costs up to US$42 billion in Economic Damages Annually according to a United Nations Environment Programme report. Dr Lindsay Hutley (Charles Darwin University) speaks about this special resource.

Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop (World Preservation Foundation) talks about land clearing in NSW, QLD and its impact on climate.


From Well to Wheel: The Social, Environmental an Climate Costs of Amazon Crude
(Amazon Watch: September 2016)

14 Nov 2016|Community Show|

Podcast: The strategic responses of the Australian coal industry to climate change

A historical perspective of the coal industry in Australia and the chopping and changing of climate policy.

BZE radio talks to Marc Hudson:

Marc is studying the strategic responses of the Australian coal industry to the challenge of climate change. He is in the final year of a PhD at the Sustainable Consumption Institute: Manchester University. Marc is a regular contributor to The Conversation.

BZE Technology Radio Show: 11 Nov 2016: Podcast:

Marc talked about:

  • Coal usage in Australia from soon after White settlement, and the rapidly expanding export of coal to Japan from the late 1950s onwards, which was important for Japan as it rebuilt after World War Two.  Japan was the single most important market until the late 1990s, and is still very important.
  • China becoming a market for Australian coal from 2008 – but these exports have been decreasing as China produces most of its own coal, and is recognising coal as a health risk, and a political one, due to air quality in Chinese cities.
  • The chopping and changing of Australian climate policy, with dizzying peaks and troughs, alongside the basic bipartisan support for increasing coal exports
  • Prime Minister Julia Gillard and our short lived carbon pricing,
  • Malcolm Turnbull’s overt support for renewables until he became prime minister,
  • The election of climate denier Malcolm Roberts of One Nation to the Senate
  • The appointment of climate denier Craig Kelly as Chair of the Federal Environment Energy Committee.
  • The Australian recent ratification of the Paris agreements
    The current Morocco conference
  • The election of Trump in the US
  • Australian climate change activism.

Further reading

Out of step: marching for climate justice versus taking action
(The Conversation: Marc Hudson: 27 Nov 2015)

The sound of silence: why has the environment vanished from election politics?
(The Conversation: Marc Hudson: 23 June 2016)

Beyond Zero Emissions interviewers: Kay Wennagel, Michael Staindl, Natalie Bucknell

Broadcast from Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

Based on a write up by Bev McIntyre


11 Nov 2016|Technology Show|

Plutocracy versus Democracy – what future awaits us?


This show was broadcast on Mon 7th November 2016

Christine Milne talks about reclaiming our democracy and John Hewson about how Malcolm Turnbull is drifting dangerously.

Naomi Klein says the corporate media always ask her what is realistic, yet their idea of realism will take us to four degrees. (In an interview from The Elephant – courtesy of Kevin Caners)

Alex Rafalowicz from Climate Action Network Australia talks about how there are only about 50 people employed full time on climate campaigning and this means we are not taking it seriously.

MONDAY BZE Radio Mon 5-6pm

TUNE in LIVE 3CR Community Radio

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Further Reading:

07 Nov 2016|Community Show|

What has a Tupperware party to do with climate change

How can we influence people on climate.

BZE radio talks to Imogen Jubb.

Imogen has recently joined BZE as National Manager of our Zero Carbon Communities Project.

She came to her position with qualifications from the Universities of Canberra, ANU and Sydney and as a communication specialist with the ACF, Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and ABC. She has traveled around Australia, working with Indigenous communities and also trained as a Climate Leader with Al Gore.

She is a board member of Climate for Change, which uses the Tupperware party model to get the climate message across.

She recently ran as an independent candidate in the Moreland City Council election and said “empowering people can be lots of fun and provide meaning to life”.

One is reminded of the saying of Margaret Mead who said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has”  Lets hope that is true.

BZE Technology Show: 4 Nov 2016: Podcast

Broadcast from Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

About the project managed by Imogen

Zero Carbon Communities

04 Nov 2016|Technology Show|