Sherri Goodman – The Age of Consequences & Disaster Alley

This BZE Radio episode was broadcast on Monday 19th June 2017

This episode contains excerpts from the April 2017 national Breakthrough tour by Sherri Goodman and Ian Dunlop with the film The Age of Consequences.

Sherri is a former Pentagon and US Dept of Defence official, now heading up the Consortium for Ocean Leadership and getting military minds to understand climate change.


Sherri Goodman – Former US Deputy Under Secretary of Defence, now CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership

David Spratt – Author, Climate Code Red and coauthor with Ian Dunlop of new book ‘Disaster Alley

Ian Dunlop – Ian was an international oil, gas and coal industry executive, chairman of the Australian Coal Association and chief executive of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. From 1998-2000 he chaired the Australian Greenhouse Office Experts Group on Emissions Trading. He is a member of the Club of Rome and is a senior member of the Advisory Board for Breakthrough.

Luke Taylor – Luke is the director of Sustainable Living Foundation and is also a director of Breakthrough, the National Centre for Climate Restoration.

Dr Malte Meinshausen – Malte is Senior Researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany and Senior Research Fellow at the School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne. The Australian-German Climate and Energy College, of which Malte is the director, was one of the Australian hosts for the Breakthrough tour and Ms Goodman.


by Ian Dunlop and David Spratt
Foreword by Sherri Goodman

The first responsibility of a government is to safeguard the people. But the accelerating impacts of climate change will drive increasingly severe humanitarian crises, political instability and conflict, posing large negative consequences to human society which may never be undone. The Asia–Pacific region is considered to be “Disaster Alley” where some of the worst impacts will be experienced. Australia’s political, bureaucratic and corporate leaders are abrogating their fiduciary responsibilities and are ill-prepared for the real risks of climate change. In this striking new Breakthrough report we look at climate change and conflict issues through the lens of sensible risk-management to draw new conclusions about the challenge we now face.




EXTRACT “Climate change an accelerant to instability in unexpected ways”


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