Baseload Report - December 12 - #COP21 Special Edition

 100% Renewable Energy Zero Emissions Cities and Regions

".. it has never been more clear that the low emissions 'future' is possible with technology available now"


BREAKING - latest (not final) text - UNFCCC

Updated December 11 830 EST
Just out: NOT final text

French Foreign Minister Fabius with latest text


Text is being called 'strong' - ie

Argentina and Australia take top fossil award for blatant climate hypocrisy

DECEMBER 9  - Climate Action Network International

(PARIS) Today's Fossil of the day goes to Argentina and Australia.

Both countries have been supportive of the 1.5C degree goal in the Climate Negotiations - which is a good thing.

Unfortunately both governments have been playing a different game back home by making statements in support of coal - which totally undermines their position on ambition.


COP21 Global Media Roundup

DECEMBER 8   Climate Action Network contributors

General takes

Solar Head of State calls for leaders to go solar

BZE saw this come in from Paris this morning ...

"Solar Heads of State" ...


6 DEC 2015 

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