CoP21 Day 1 Media Australia Roundup

Nov30 Paris,  Climate Action Network contributor Maelor Himbury

Bonjour - CAN's first advice to negotiators at COP21 to win the "Tour du COP"

November 30   Climate Action Network


Eco 1, COP21 Paris November 2015 – On Y Va Issue
Monday, November 30, 2015

Beyond Zero Emissions at COP21

Baseload Newsletter November 2015

The Mayor of Byron Shire Simon Richardson and BZE CEO Dr. Stephen Bygrave will be showcasing the Zero Emissions Byron project at a range of events at COP21. 

These include: 

The Third Industrial Revolution

Baseload Newsletter November 2015

The 'Zero' Goals for COP21 in Paris

Baseload Newsletter November 2015

Pic: Track0 twitter promotion of the global Climate Action Network #Zeroby2050 campaign.


Compact of Mayors and Zero Emissions Byron

November 5, 2015

Compact of Mayors recognition comes for Zero Emissions Byron

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