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Matthew's Message

Matthew Wright

Hello Supporters,

It’s an uplifting feeling to be working with so many people, our supporters and volunteers, who are achieving so much. Together, we’ve put together a fantastic amount of research this year and have communicated it to thousands of Australians.

On the ground we’ve fought Coal Seam Gas in Queensland and New South Wales and we’re helping farmers keep the fossil fuel industry at bay. And most excitingly, in Port Augusta we’ve got a campaign to get the Playford and Northern Power stations switched to baseload solar thermal. We have a plan backed by the local community including the long time Mayor Joy Baluch and the local power company Alinta who are looking seriously at building solar thermal plants with storage to replace the Playford B coal plant.

With more support and more hard work in the coming year, we will win in Port Augusta as the first big step towards a zero emissions renewable powered Australia.

Back in the office, BZE’s amazing staff have delivered big time. The Zero Carbon Australia presentation program is now among the most successful in the country. The media team is pumping out material daily. And we’re now gearing up to launch our plan for a zero carbon building sector early next year.

Beyond Zero’s rapid expansion is testament to the massive community support for getting the job done, taking the economy to 100 percent renewable energy. It’s incredible to think that only 18 months ago, before the launch of the energy plan, we had just one staff member in Melbourne and a several dozen devoted volunteers. Now there are now 10 of us —including new representatives in Queensland and New South Wales—coordinating over 500 volunteers across Australia.

None of this growth, of course, would’ve been possible without the backing of BZE’s Baseload Supporters, our dedicated volunteers who donate hours of their time each and every week, and the generosity of Phillip Wollen and the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust. I’d also like to thank those who donated recently to help get our Buildings Plan across the line. We’re half way to our target of 10,000 to get the plan printed (so click here to do your bit).

On behalf of Beyond Zero Emissions, I thank you for your support and wish you an enjoyable and safe holiday season. We’ll see you again in 2012 to continue the push for climate change solutions and 100 percent renewable energy.

A sunny and festive holiday season.

Matthew Wright
Executive Director
Beyond Zero Emissions


Bze And The Suppressed Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Report

The CSG lease rash over QLD

At BZE, we’d like to think that we operate in good faith with those organisations with which we have signed an agreement. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with WorleyParsons, the consultancy which BZE commissioned to prepare an extensive report regarding the full life-cycle emissions of Coal Seam Gas.

WorleyParsons has decided not to release the report, somehow implying that there was no agreement to do so.

As a result of the controversy surrounding the withheld report, risk assessment specialists Merill Lynch, have openly speculated that, contrary to industry propaganda, the greenhouse gas emissions from CSG may be drastically higher than reported and have cautioned investors. It begs the question as to whether the results of our yet-to-be-delivered report reveal inconvenient truths which expose the shortfalls that might contradict an earlier, similar report commissioned by Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA).

With the recent clamor about freedom of speech, is this an example of how the supply chain of information can be interfered with by powerful corporate interests? Watch this space.

Click here to browse the ABC's interactive CSG Rush map.


Mark Ogge Back In Port Augusta

Mark Ogge

Last month, BZE strategic director Mark Ogge went back to Port Augusta for a packed town meeting on the plan to replace the region’s antiquated coal power plants with clean renewable energy.

AS Mark Ogge explained in an interview with Port Pirie ABC’s Annette Marner, the cost of CST plants are rapidly offset down the line by the resource cost of sunlight (nil) and the economies of scale which become available with the more we build. This compares favourably to the volatile and increasing costs associated with that flavour of the month, fossil gas.


Zero Carbon Buildings Plan — On The Runway

Trent Hawkins and the ZCA Buildings team would like to thank all those people who have put their hands up to help with the final push to complete the Buildings Plan. But we urgently need volunteers to assist with the production of the report. We’re loking for writers and people to track down images for the final desktop publishing phase of the report. If you are up for the job, or know someone who might be interested, email Trent Hawkins


Bze Present To The Nsw Govt’s Coal Seam Gas Inquiry

On December 12, Mark Ogge was called before the NSW Legislative Council to present evidence on the impacts of coal seam gas extraction. Mark’s testimony drew attention to the inadequacy of current greenhouse gas accounting methods used by the coal seam gas industry, as well as the large uncertainties of the fugitive and migratory emissions associated with extraction. The inquiry were interested in the contents of suppressed WorleyParsons report and the projected cost reductions renewable energy and the anticipated cost increases and volatility of gas prices.

Beyond Zero Emissions’ message to the inquiry was clear: There must be a moratorium on the industry until Australian-based scientific assessment is completed. Australia must invest in renewable energy sources rather than waste investment on CSG.


Newswire – Bze In The News

Newcastle Herald, December 8 – Renewable Energy Lifeline for Australian Manufacturing

Climate Spectator, December 5 – Waking Up to the Solar Dawn

The Australian Financial Review, November 28 – CSG Needs a Long, Hard Look

Climate Spectator, November 23 – China’s Path to Renewable Energy Superpower

The Transcontinental, November 18 – Serious About Solar

ABC’s The Drum, November 17 - CSG and Climate Change: The Need for an Independent Review

Channel 9 Gold Coast, November 15 – Solar Future


New South Wales News

BZE’s NSW volunteers have been kicking goals. Geoff Cameron presented the Zero Carbon Australia at the Mosman RSL to an audience of 80 people; Terry McBride presented to Open Forum, which has been conducting weekly talks and forums for 40 years, and expertly answered questions, even from the challenging member of the group known as the “Brains Trust”; and Peter Gallop presented to Energy Mark, a CSIRO sponsored sustainability initiative in Gerroa.

After the extremely difficult process of choosing from a large number of outstanding candidates, we are very happy to announce Bronwyn Lee will be taking the position of NSW Talks Co-ordinator in the new year. Bronwyn will be collaborating with our current volunteers and supporting a growing NSW team to achieve big results in 2012.


Zero Carbon Buildings at Sustainable Living Festival 2012

Beyond Zero Emissions are proud to announce we’ll be presenting at Melbourne’s 2012 Sustainable Living Festival, Feb 11–26. ZCA Buildings will be producing a world first live onstage renovation...Theatre meets buildings meets sustainability at Melbourne’s iconic Fed Square. Essentially we “set the stage” with a high-carbon footprint dwelling which will be transformed into a thermally efficient, eco-friendly, low emissions, low energy house of the future but available using off-the-shelf technology.

BZE are seeking volunteers and contributors who can help with the set design, construction, on-stage production and event management. If this is the project for you then email Trent Hawkins