The New BZE Website 2017-03-09T23:16:05+00:00

This new BZE web site was launched on 12 September 2016.

We began developing the new site in December 2015.  It went live on 12 September 2016 and we have now (March 2017) nearly finished refining the site.

Despite many hours remedying faults, we know that some remain.

If you have any comments on the new site, or if it gives you problems, please let us know by contacting Andrew.

The development process:

The old BZE web site had roughly 2000 pages and 3000 images.  It used software called Drupal.

The new BZE website uses software called WordPress with the Avada theme.

During 2016 we used a computer program to copy the old BZE site elements into the new website.  By and large this copying was very successful.  We built a new structure for the content of the old site and placed this content into the structure.

One advantage of the new site is that there are now social media sharing buttons, so it is now easy for viewers to share our content.

For the 650 radio show pages, the text describing the show was copied accurately, but the link to the audio file was not copied.  We have re-established most of these links.

Unfortunately, on may pages the author is now shown as one of the development team members, rather than the original author. Apologies for this.

Our broken link checker found about 850 hyperlinks that did not work.  Attending to each broken link would have literally taken months at a keyboard, so most of these links have simply been disconnected.  This means that in many places there are instructions, like “click here”, which no longer work.

The website development team:

  • Richard Keech
  • Andrew Gunner, and
  • Roger Vize