The Good Doctor Does It Again… Dr Karl Spruiks For Renewables

Australia’s legendary science communicator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has once again made the case for renewable energy on Seven’s Sunrise program. For the second time in a fortnight, Dr Karl has used his position as part of Mel and Kochie’s ‘Brains Trust’ to educate Australians about baseload solar thermal power.

Executive Director Matthew Wright says ‘the Beyond Zero Emissions team think it’s great that Dr Karl has once again pointed to our joint Zero Carbon Australia research initiative with the University of Melbourne to back his calls for a renewable energy future’

‘Dr Karl is right,’ says Matthew Wright, ‘Australia can get started today to achieve this bold vision of powering the nation with 100 percent renewable energy in ten years’

You can watch Dr Karl’s 60-second pitch for renewable energy here, and download a copy of the Zero Carbon Australia plan here