Australian Domestic Gas Use Decline Triggering Desperate Measures

DECEMBER 21 - Beyond Zero Emissions - Immediate Release 

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Australian Domestic Gas Use Decline Triggering Desperate Measures

Zero Carbon Australia Plans Pave the Way to real INDC and COP Ambition

DECEMBER 10 , Beyond Zero Emissions

Plans Pave the Way to INDC and COP ambition via Zero Emissions and 100% Renewable Energy

Plans Pave the Way to Lifting COP and INDC Ambition

DECEMBER 10 ,  Beyond Zero Emissions 

Plans Pave the Way to Zero Emissions and 100% Renewable Energy Lifting COP and INDC Ambition

Australia's Ambition – Turn Pronouncements into Policies

DECEMBER 9,  Beyond Zero Emissions

Immediate Release 

Byron Mayor - Integrate Policies to help 100% Renewable Energy in Australian Zero Emissions Communities

DECEMBER 7  2015  Beyond Zero Emissions

Updated DECEMBER 8

Beyond Zero Emissions' Statement on yesterdays ICLEI,  World Future Council and Renewable Cities  Transformative Actions Program event in support of the global 100RE campaign : "100% Renewable Energy Cities and Regions on stage"

Zero Emissions Byron Mayor among Mayors, Ministers and Chief Ministers signing on to 80% by 2050 at Paris Local Leaders Climate Summit

DECEMBER 5 , 2015,  Beyond Zero Emissions

(PARIS) Yesterday Byron Shire Mayor Simon Richardson was one of several Australian leaders and one of hundreds present at the Paris City Hall at the historic "Climate Summit for Local Leaders".

Blogging after the event Mr. Richardson said "I'm very privileged to be invited to attend this international event showcasing councils from around the world taking action to transition to zero emissions.

A Tiny Australian NGO with a Big Idea at COP21

DECEMBER 5  2015, Beyond Zero Emissions
Immediate Release


Zero Emissions Byron featured at ICLEI and World Future Council event at COP21

DECEMBER  2 2015, Beyond Zero Emissions

(PARIS) Zero Emissions Byron featured at ICLEI and World Future Council event at COP21

Australia's Statement at COP21 Acknowledges Zero Emissions Future - No Plan To Get There

NOVEMBER 30, 2015

(PARIS)-- Beyond Zero Emissions  welcomes Malcolm Turnbull's statement at COP21 in Paris emphasising ratification of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol and doubling of government R&D funding for renewable energy technology. 

Responding to the announcement, Beyond Zero Emissions CEO Dr. Stephen Bygrave said:

Beyond Zero Emissions Welcomes ALP's new ZeroBy2050 Commitment

NOVEMBER 27, 2015

(CANBERRA)-- Beyond Zero Emissions welcomes the Australian Labour Party's commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 and consult on a 45% reduction target for 2030.

Responding to the announcement, Beyond Zero Emissions CEO Dr. Stephen Bygrave said:

Coal Communities Transition Eased Through Renewable Superpower Future For Australia


Media Release - Beyond Zero Emissions Inc - Melbourne


Greens chart a course to Superpower status with RenewAustralia.


Consumers and Economy Big Winners if Australia Captures Renewable Energy Advantage


Media Release

New report -Consumers and economy big winners if Australia captures
renewable energy advantage

Australia could become a world Renewable Energy Superpower if it captures the
competitive advantage its wind and solar resources provides, a new report by climate think
tank Beyond Zero Emissions finds.

The report also recommends reforming the nation’s energy markets, following dramatic
price rises over the past decade since deregulation.

Growing a better climate for farmers

A new discussion paper released today by Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) shows how Australian farmers and foresters, two groups most vulnerable to climate change, can shift from having a negative to a positive impact on climate change.

“Zero Carbon Australia Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry” a joint project between BZE and The University of Melbourne's Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute provides a way for Australian farmers to reduce carbon pollution, and bring young people back to regional centres with new employment opportunities.

“Changing land use practices will slash carbon pollution and can provide an alternative income stream for farmers” said Beyond Zero Emissions CEO Stephen Bygrave.  

"The frequency and severity of the extreme weather we used to see were nothing compared to what we've seen in the past decade,” said John Pettigrew, former director of SPC Ltd. and current President of the Goulburn Valley Environment Group.

"Our farmers, given time, can adapt to changing conditions. We can reduce carbon emissions on-farm, move towards sustainable farming systems and even play a major role in producing renewable energy for our urban centres," said Mr Pettigrew.

The land use sector is one of the highest carbon polluting sectors of Australia’s economy - emissions may even be as high as 54% of total national emissions.

“Making changes to land management practices and technologies such as savannah burning, clearfell logging and land clearing for agriculture can turn that around,” said report researcher Andrew Longmire.

“Carbon storage in Australian native forests is underestimated by a factor of up to four or five, meaning that logging is having a much higher impact on the climate than previously recognised. Research has shown the native forests of south-east Australia can sequester 7,500 million tonnes of carbon dioxide if left to recover from clearfell logging.  That’s equivalent to more than 10 years of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions” said Mr Bygrave.

“As the country braces for worsening drought and bushfires this summer, BZE is reaching out to farmers and other landholders to tackle climate change in a way that maximises the productivity and the health of their land, and breathes life back into their communities” said Mr Bygrave.

“Zero Carbon Australia Land Use: Agriculture and Forestry” is available on our website at:  High resolution images from the report can be downloaded at:

John Pettigrew and Stephen Bygrave are available for interview.

Media contact:

Genevieve Wauchope     0431 465 952

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